Zack Ryder Reveals Why He Never Wore the Internet Title on WWE TV

WWE stars Zack Ryder, Matt Hardy and Xavier Woods were the guests on the this week’s new episode of ‘WWE Table For 3″ on WWE Network, and during the show, the guests discussed how their use of social media helped them during their pro wrestling careers.

On the subject of Zack Ryder branding himself as the “internet Champion”, complete with a title belt, Ryder had the following to say:

“I just don’t think people knew what was going on. Even when I had the internet title, I got that made, I wanted to wear that out on TV. I’m not gonna say who, but somebody, when I presented the idea, just called me a mark for myself. I said, ‘no, I don’t really think I’m the Champion of the internet’, it’s like a gimmick, like the Million Dollar Title. I want to come out with it. I didn’t make a belt because I have all these cool Twitter followers or something like that, it’s all part of the act.”

Ryder added he was never allowed to wear the title on TV, but the idea ended up making it onto t-shirts and it was made into an action figure and put into a video game, and it snowballed into fans really getting behind Ryder as a Superstar in WWE. Ryder went on to discuss how he then further used social media to help promote the newly discovered brand and gimmick.

You can watch the entire “Table for 3” episode via WWE Network.

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.@MATTHARDYBRAND, @xavierwoodsphd and @ZackRyder are talking all things social media on #Tablefor3 streaming NOW on @WWENetwork!

— WWE (@WWE) August 14, 2018

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