WWE Wellness Policy Loophole, Raw Rating Plummets During Third Hour

source: ProWrestling.NET

— According to the WWE Wellness policy (which is available on the corporate website), the company can suspend a second-time offender indefinitely if the wrestler refuses to enter a drug rehabilitation program. The policy reads: “Alternatively, in cases where the Talent appears to be in need of a drug rehabilitation program, the Talent shall not be assigned to work until the individual has successfully completed the drug rehabilitation program. However, regardless of the length of the program, the Talent’s fine shall be limited to 60 days’ pay.” The policy also allows WWE to continue using Jeff Hardy on television during the suspension. Television would be without pay, pay-per-views with pay, and $200 per house show event. In accordance with the policy, WWE could have Hardy appear at WrestleMania 24. Although, the stipulation is pretty much used so that the company can write talent out of storylines, and in the case of Monday’s Raw, drop championship belts.

— Monday night’s edition of Raw drew a 3.6 overall cable rating. The first hour drew a 2.8 rating, although the show did a 3.92 and 4.02 for the second and third hours, so the show did a 4.0 overall rating in their usual timeslot.

— The rating for Monday’s Raw peaked at around the 10:00 hour, but lost viewers during every quarter hour until the overrun, reports PWInsider.com. Monday’s Raw peaked with a 4.6 quarter hour rating for the Big Show/Mayweather weigh-in and kept sinking until it hit a 3.6 for the final quarter hour.

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