WWE Vintage Collection Report (06/28/09)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: 28th June 2009
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

Welcome aboard. This week’s show is lifted from the video release “Invasion 1992,” with action from late 1991, which includes a first time meeting between Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes call most of the action on this Coliseum Video release, with Gorilla Monsoon subbing for Mooney in match four. Hulk Hogan is up first, so let’s get started….Brother!

Hulk Hogan vs Typhoon w/Jimmy Hart
This match is taken from the December 2nd 1991 edition of Wrestling Challenge. Typhoon is mentioned as a former friend of Hogan, but the term ‘Tugboat’ is never mentioned. Apparently Typhoon had been making threats at Hogan in order to get this match. These threats were never elaborated on. Following some stalling, the two show off their power with shoves to the corner. Hogan avoids a charge, punches away, then knocks Hart from the apron. After rocking Typhoon with a clothesline, Hart hooks Hogan’s leg for the distraction. Typhoon takes over, sending Hogan into the corners, choking him with his boot and trapping him in a long bearhug. Hogan attempts a tackle, but floors himself. Typhoon squashes Hogan in the corner, Hogan kicks out of a cover and Hulks up. Hogan wags the finger, nails the big boot and the legdrop for the 1-2-3. Kind of surprised that Typhoon’s partner Earthquake didn’t get involved. Nevertheless, this was a standard, by-the-numbers match for Hogan. Mooney says this was one Typhoon that Hogan survived. Winner: HULK HOGAN.

Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair w/Mr Perfect
The date is the same as the last match but the show is now Prime Time Wrestling, although the match has been lifted from Wrestling Challenge. Michaels was coming to the end of his Rockers tenure and was teasing problems with absent partner Marty Jannetty. Flair was still calling himself the ‘Real World’s Champion.’ The entire match airs, with Okerlund calling both ‘Iconic figures’ beforehand. Michaels dominates throughout. Following some early tackles and side headlock takedowns, Michaels springs off the top rope with a sunset flip for two. Flair shoves, and Michaels slaps the taste out of Flair’s mouth. Both exchange chops. Flair interrupts a mounted punch assault to try an inverted atomic drop, but Michaels decks him. Michaels suplexes Flair back in from the ring apron. Flair begs off, before buying time by going to the eyes. Flair takes his customary backbodydrop and upside down flip in the corner. Michaels goes outside, stares a hole through Perfect, thwarting all of his sneak attack attempts while suplexing Flair on the floor. After sending Michaels to the floor, Flair counters a sunset flip with a punch to the face. For no reason whatsoever, Flair comically flops to the mat while he’s on the offensive. Michaels escapes a back suplex, Flair blocks a rollup off the ropes, but turns into a standing dropkick. Perfect trips Michaels as he runs the ropes, allowing Flair to hit a kneedrop. Michaels catches Flair going high risk, throws him to the mat, then drops an elbow for a nearfall. Michaels nails a superkick and top rope fistdrop for another close count. Flair gets clotheslined out of the ring as Michaels propels himself back in. Perfect pulls Flair out of the way to avoid a Michaels plancha. Michaels knocks himself out on the ring barricade. Flair refuses to take a countout victory. Jannetty rushes down asking for a timeout. The referee refuses, so Jannetty picks his partner up and places him back in the ring, where Flair instantly pins him with his feet on the ropes. Michaels remains unconscious after the bell. The announcers blame the loss on Michaels’s impatience at trying to put Flair away. This was a very good match and showcase for Michaels, who was given a truckload of offense, by a generous Flair. The postmatch dressing down that Michaels gives Jannetty to further their split angle isn’t shown. Winner: RIC FLAIR.

Special Referee: Macho Man Randy Savage
Million Dollar Title:
Virgil vs Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase w/Sensational Sherri
Prime Time Wrestling, September 10th 1991. The yet to be reinstated and recently wed Savage needed something to do, so considering his history with DiBiase and Sherri, he was a good choice for referee. Here, he was decked out in a black and white outfit and hat. Virgil was one month removed from his shock SummerSlam victory over his former boss, which saw him bag the Million Dollar Title. DiBiase starts off aggressively, but Virgil sends a frustrated DiBiase outside following a couple of slams. Virgil heads outside to take the fight to his former employer. After Virgil runs into DiBiase’s boot, DiBiase takes control, tossing Virgil outside and into the ringsteps twice. Back inside, and in complete control, DiBiase keeps pulling Virgil up from pinfalls when he has him beat. Savage warns DiBiase several times, while constantly ordering a hysterical Sherri off the apron, who is also questioning her protege’s motives. DiBiase tires of Savage’s meddling, so he decks him and tosses him over the top rope. As DiBiase locks Virgil in the Million Dollar Dream, Savage exacts revenge by smashing DiBiase from behind with a top rope double axehandle. With DiBiase out cold, Virgil crawls into a cover and Savage registers the 1-2-3. Virgil retains his title. DiBiase was at his heelish best here and he provided an entertaining contest. The intensity and exchanges with Savage were also good. DiBiase would employ the Repo Man to assist him in getting the Million Dollar belt back a few months later. Winner: VIRGIL.

Big Boss Man vs Hercules w/Slick
Prime Time Wrestling, October 1st 1991. This is the only of today’s matches to be joined in progress, which is a refreshing change. Hercules is looking a lot more jakked than usual here. Boss Man decks Slick on the floor, backbodydrops Hercules out of the ring and bangs both of their heads together. Boss Man spikes Hercules in the ropes but misses a second attempt. Hercules seems to look at Slick in disgust as he works over Boss Man with an inverted atomic drop, clothesline, two hard Irish whips and short arm clothesline. Both trade a series of punches. Slick hooks the back of Boss Man’s shirt to allow a Hercules boot choke. Slick sneaks in a quick throttling of his own for good measure. Boss Man mounts a comeback with a big boot, splash, and ten head rams in the corner. Herc stops Boss Man with a backelbow, but Boss Man recovers to nail the Boss Man slam for the 1-2-3. Herc floated around for a few months as a heel jobber before resurfacing in WCW as the short-lived Super Invader. Boss Man went on to have short feuds with IRS and Nailz but his popularity had spiked during his prior feud with the Mountie. I loved that little feud. This match wasn’t so bad. Winner: BIG BOSS MAN.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts & The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs
Macho Man Randy Savage & Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Today’s Main Event comes from December 4th 1991. Taker and Hacksaw had a small feud going on, while Savage and Jake were embroiled in a hot feud, which started when the evil Jake gave Savage and Elizabeth a cobra as a wedding gift. Savage throws his ring jacket at Jake and the censors are on hand to blank out Jake cussing back. Savage knocks Jake off the apron. Taker chokes Hacksaw in the corner. Hacksaw clotheslines him out of the ring, but the Deadman lands on his feet. Taker hangs Hacksaw up on the top rope as Bearer laughs maniacally into the camera. Jake and Taker take turns in choking Hacksaw in the ropes. Jake fails to escape when Savage finally gets the tag. Savage throws Jake to the corner and drills him with an elbow. A double axehandle from the top rope sends Jake to the floor. Savage goes out after him, but is ambushed by Taker and double teamed. Taker resorts to choking once again and his limited moveset is really boring and annoying. Taker slams, but misses an elbow, giving Savage the chance to tag out. Taker cuts Hacksaw off and Jake takes over with a short arm clothesline. Savage clotheslines Jake to prevent a DDT on Hacksaw. Deciding they’ve had enough, Savage fetches a chair, and Hacksaw gets his 2×4. Both attack the heels with several shots to cause the inevitable DQ. This was horrible and was the worst match on the show. Taker and Hacksaw stunk the joint out and there was little interaction between Jake and Savage which was disappointing. Winners by DQ: JAKE “THE SNAKE” ROBERTS & THE UNDERTAKER.

Okerlund closes the show stating all four of today’s Main Eventers permanently etched their mark in WWE law. They did, but not based on that last showing.

A mixed bag today, with Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Ted DiBiase, Jake Roberts and Randy Savage providing the best entertainment. See you next week. Shaun.

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