WWE Star Bray Wyatt Discusses Future Plans For WWE Career

The Eater of Worlds appeared recently on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and discussed how he views his future with the WWE and what he’d like to accomplish.
Here are some highlights from the interview with former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt:
Wanting future title feuds with various Superstars:

“There are a couple that I haven’t got to that I would be very, very interested in. Seth Rollins, I haven’t got to. AJ Styles, and just kind of a throwback, that I’ve been at war with my entire [pro wrestling] career, Dean Ambrose. I wouldn’t mind getting back in there with him because we create wonderful chaos together. We’ve both spent our entire career trying to kill each other, so it’s very fitting for us to carry on.”
Paul Heyman telling him he’s the first person in his family to have become WWE Champ:
“I actually didn’t know that. Paul Heyman told me that. He congratulated me, called me, and told me I was the first one and I didn’t know that. I never really measured my success with titles because I never really had any titles. I was just working hard and trying to be the best me that I can be. But when he told me that, it was a big ‘wow’. Out of all of us, I was the one to do it. I wasn’t expecting that at all.”
Always expecting to have become WWE Champion:

“I think people expected it of me and I definitely expected it of myself and it was everything that I wanted to obtain.” Wyatt added, “it is huge for me. It has made my life’s work complete.”
Planning to wrestle for 15 more years:
“There’s a lot of stuff I have to do yet. It’s just [winning the world title] was something very important to me and this is something that will cement me. Forever I will be remembered as something special, but my body is ready to roll for another 15 years, so I’m not looking at stopping. I’ve got a lot that I want to do and a lot that I want to achieve.

I just know [I will last 15 more years]. I’ve got nowhere else to go. This is where I belong and as hope would have it that I would last that long. That’s how I see myself.”
Here is a link to the podcast:

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