WWE Signs International Wrestler, DH Smith's Big Name MMA Guest, Encyclopedia

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Mexican wrestler Sicodelico Jr. announced on his MySpace page that he has signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

The Lucha libre star actually put up a photo of himself holding his WWE contract, which you can see at www.myspace.com/sicodelicojr.

In a letter posted on his page, he said will be going to WWE’s developmental facility at Florida Championship Wrestling within the next few weeks to sharpen his skills before heading off to one of the three major brands.

WWE officials have had off-and-on talks with Sicodelico Jr. for months. There was talk of bringing him in as a tag team with his cousin, Dos Caras, Jr., but they weren’t fond of Caras, Jr.’s “star” attitude.

— MMA fighter Josh Barnett attended Wrestlemania XXV in Houston as a guest of DH Smith. The ECW Superstar has trained mixed martial arts under Barnett to help him with pro wrestling. Barnett is currently ranked by MMAWeekly.com and MMANews.com as the No. 2 Heavyweight fighter in the world.

— It’s interesting note that the WWE Encyclopedia was listed in the New York Times best sellers list in the Advice category. The reason for this because this particular category’s technical name is “Advice, How to and Miscellaneous,” and it made the cut as Miscellaneous.

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