WWE Raw Results (10/30): Night of a Million Returns, Raw Rebounds After Recent Invasion

WWE Raw Results
October 30, 2017
Report by Mike Killam for ProWrestling.com

– A video package opens the show recapping all the announced matches for Survivor Series, and the Smackdown invasion that laid waste to the Raw roster last Monday night.


Kurt Angle kicked off the show already in the ring, as the entire Raw roster began to line the entrance ramp. He said that last week Shane McMahon took what he thought was a friendly rivalry way too far, and apologized to the talent for putting them in harms way.

Stephanie McMahon is here! The Billion Dollar Princess made her way to the ring and asked the fans if they missed her. She told Kurt that she was in full support of Vince’s decision to make him general manager, despite the fact that Braun Strowman was compacted in a garbage truck, their top stars have come down with some disease, and the whole illegitimate child thing… Stephanie quickly turned on the heat and blamed Angle for making a mockery of Raw by letting Shane step foot on HER show and destroy a 25-year legacy in just 25 seconds. She announced that Kurt will be the captain of Team Raw at Survivor Series, and if he doesn’t totally annihilate Smackdown she will have to find another general manager.


Kurt Angle tried to catch Stephanie before she got in her limo, apologizing for everything and trying to talk some sense into her. McMahon told him she was deadly serious, and if he didn’t believe her she could find Mick Foley and ask him.

The Miz pulled up in his own limo with Curtis Axel and a returning Bo Dallas, and asked if he missed anything. Angle brought him up to speed and the Intercontinental Champion freaked out that Kurt was getting rewarded for being a terrible GM. Angle screamed at him to shut up, and called him a coward for not standing a fighting with Raw last week during the invasion. He said he didn’t want anyone like that representing him at Survivor Series, so he was putting his title on the line TONIGHT.


Miss Crazy Pants came out wearing what looked like a sea captain’s hat. She said as team captain for Raw she was far too busy to compete against the likes of Bayley, and instead found a suitable replacement in the returning Nia Jax.

Nia started out strong from the beginning throwing Bayley around the ring, but the underdog fought back with rights and lefts, taking her to the apron and knocking her out to the floor. After a commercial break Nia had taken the control back, splashing her opponent in the corner over and over again. Alicia Fox was still on the entrance ramp, having fun watching the destruction derby in the ring. Once again they fought out to the apron and Bayley flew off with a Thesz press to the floor, pounding on her opponent with wild rights and lefts. Nia barely made it back in by a count of ten and ran into a front-mounted choke, faded out at first but rallying back to send Bayley flying across the ring. She hit a huge spinning wheel kick following by a running leg drop, which was enough to get the three.

Winner: Nia Jax

Alicia Fox got back on the mic and said “this your captain speaking”, then announced that Nia Jax would be her first pick for the Raw women’s team at Survivor Series! Samoa Joe’s music cut them off…and Joe is here! The Samoan Submission Machine walked past all the women, dressed to compete, and made a beeline for the ring with a dangerous look in his eyes.

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