WWE RAW Results (1/4/2016): San Antonio, Texas

Stephanie McMahon & Roman Reigns Kick Off RAW

[Q1] Raw opened with a recap of Vince McMahon’s arrest and the eventual announcement of this week’s main event… Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton were on commentary…

Stephanie McMahon started to make her entrance, but her music was interrupted by Roman Reigns’ music, and he entered through the crowd. Steph was pissed. She met him at the barricade. They both entered the ring. Reigns called out Vince McMahon. Steph said Vince wasn’t at the building yet, but he would be there to referee the championship match.

Reigns took issue with Stephanie smirking as she spoke about the odds being stacked against him. Reigns said this is how he provides for his family and no one is going to take it away from him. Stephanie laughed while saying that was so passionate. She asked the fans if they thought he would win. The fans roared and started a “yes” chant.

The broadcast team narrated highlights of Kevin Owens destroying Dean Ambrose and Neville last week… Dean Ambrose made his entrance and fist-bumped Reigns, who was heading up the ramp. Cole said Ambrose would join them on commentary for Owens vs. Neville after the break…

[Q2] [C] A commercial aired for Brock Lesnar returning on Raw next week. “At the end of the day, people are going to get hurt,” Lesnar said at the end of the clip.

1. Kevin Owens vs. Neville. Ambrose was on commentary. Neville had his ribs taped and still had to carry that stupid Slammy award with him. Ambrose said Owens hits hard and you know you’re in a fight when you’re in a match with Owens, but he said he doesn’t think Owens likes to fight as much as he claims he does. [C]

After the break, Ambrose spoke about how Owens had been taking it to Neville throughout the match. Owens threw Neville into the barricade at ringside, as Ambrose continued to talk about what a dangerous man Owens is. Neville ran Owens into the ring post as Cole questioned whether he had anything left in the tank. Ambrose said we’d find out whether Owens is the type of man who can take punishment. Neville flipped off the apron and onto Owens on the floor. Ambrose said that took guts.

Owens tied up Neville in the ropes and delivered a cannonball, then followed up with the Pop Up Powerbomb for the clean win.

Kevin Owens defeated Neville in 9:10.

After The Match:

After the match, Owens was setting up for a move on the floor when Ambrose stopped him with a suicide dive (he overshot him a bit). Owens took control quickly and set up for another move on the broadcast table, but Ambrose fought him off and then ran off the barricade and dropped an elbow that drove Owens through the table. Ambrose grabbed Owens’ face and jawed at him.

Vince McMahon Arrives

Backstage, Vince McMahon arrived in a limo. JoJo asked him for comments about last week. Vince pointed out that all charges were dropped and said that’s what happens when someone like him can afford a good attorney. Vince said the irony is that this week he is the law because he’s the special referee for the main event… [C]

2. Stardust vs. Titus O’Neil. Neither man received a televised entrance. Titus jumped out to the quick start. While in the ropes, Stardust barked to the referee, “I am Stardust, get him back.” Stardust performed a Disaster Kick, which apparently is a routine early match move these days. The crowd was quiet while Stardust was on the offensive, but a Cody chant broke out and he covered his ears. Titus came back with his powerbomb finisher and pinned Stardust…

Titus O’Neil defeated Stardust in 4:10.

Backstage: Charlotte, Ric Flair & Becky Lynch

The broadcast team hyped WWE Network and the Royal Rumble… Backstage, Charlotte asked Becky Lynch if she asked for their match. Becky said she didn’t ask for it, but she hopes Charlotte is as excited as she is. Charlotte said she’s not excited because she already beat Becky fair and square. Lynch said she remembers they had a great match and should go out there and do it again. They agreed to do it in the spirit of competition, though Charlotte didn’t exactly seem genuine. Ric Flair showed up and woooed before saying, “In the spirt of competition”…

3. Divas Champion Charlotte (w/Ric Flair) vs. Becky Lynch in a non-title match. Charlotte, with her pops watching on from the outside, is up next against her former Team PCB member Becky Lynch in non-title action.

Charlotte was in control heading into the break. [C] Cole said Flair will be the guest on the Stone Cold Podcast after Raw next week. Charlotte remained the aggressor, but Lynch caught her in a sleeper. Charlotte broke it up with a jawjacker.

[Q5] Charlotte caught Lynch with a boot to the face and covered her for two. There was a small “Becky” chant. Lynch took control of the offense. Flair reached in and grabbed her leg. A short time later, Lynch rolled up Charlotte and held the tights while pinning her. Cole not only acknowledged it, but he said she was fighting fire with fire. Charlotte attacked Lynch afterward. Flair raised his daughter’s arm and the fans booed.

Becky Lynch pinned Charlotte in 10:45.

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