WWE Over The Limit Reactions From Superstars, Divas & Legends

The following are tweets from wrestlers, divas, legends and more regarding WWE Over The Limit:

CM Punk: “A winner is me! Everything hurts. Headed to the pay window!”

Jim Ross: “Give em more time! Most decisions in 30 or 60 minutes! @CMPunk retains by eyelash. @wwedanielbryan freakish..Punk best in the world.”

“Helluva Fatal 4 Way at OTL. Great effort…aggression..execution. I loved the pace. Congrats to all. THAT’s maximizing one’s minutes.”

“What do I want from Swagger & Ziggler? Badass aggression! Physicality! Excellent tag title bout. Maximizing minutes.”

Christian: “Felt great to get back.. I dedicate my win tonight to my all time favorite IC champ #MachoMan #OohYeah #OverTheLimit”

Chris Jericho: “Amazing Fatal FourWay match and crowd tonight in Raleigh! That’s what this biz is all about kids… #overthelimit”

Layla: “Yaaayy!! Still Divas Champ!! #overthelimit Muaaahhzzzzz”

Joey Styles: “OH MY GOD! @CMPunk & @WWEDanielBryan had one of the greatest WRESTLING matches I have ever had the pleasure of watching. #WeGotWrestling”

Kofi Kingston: “They might be crappy people but Swagger and ziggler are damn good competitors. Hats off. @RonKillings and @TrueKofi still tag champs! #BOOM!”

Roddy Piper: “@CMPunk..Hey kid! Heard you stoled the show tonight. I expect nothing less. Good job. Next time, do better! Coach Hot Rod”

David Otunga: “I couldn’t be more proud of John Laurinaitis defeating @JohnCena at @WWE #OverTheLimit People Power is real and I never doubted it.”

Goldust: “My lil brother will be world heavyweight champion one day soon….proud of @CodyRhodesWWE”

Seth Rollins: “Not an hour, but still an awesome title match. And now Hunico. Cool. #OverTheLimit”

Curt Hawkins: “So proud of my boss @GMSmackDown …What an inspirational, hard fought victory tonight. #PeoplePower”

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