WWE Once Had Plans For Brock Lesnar To Be Gay Character On TV

WWE reportedly had plans at one point for Brock Lesnar to be a gay character in their storylines.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that WWE was considering the idea of debuting a gay character in 2002 that would be a tough guy who outs himself as being guy, but would do none of the stereotypes and would be portrayed as a kick-ass main eventer. The idea was for the person to be Lesnar when he made his debut that year.

Originally, the idea came from two of WWE’s magazine writers, one of whom was Brian Solomon. Solomon pitched the idea directly to Stephanie McMahon that year, with the pitch being that it would blow fans away to see an unstoppable hyper-masculine bad ass revealing himself to be gay, and be pushed as a top babyface. WWE felt that they would get huge support from the gay community, as well as positive support from the media for having a “progressive character.”

The people who originally pitched the idea never heard another word about it and didn’t know until recently that the idea actually made it to the writers room. The idea ended up being shot down by older agents in the company who thought it was a terrible idea, and it ended up leading to the Billy and Chuck thing.

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