WWE NXT Results – October 10th, 2018

  NXT Results are back, and this week’s episode of the show was headlined by a Triple Threat match for the North American Championship. The mystery over who attacked Aleister Black is still going strong, but answers may finally be on the way very soon. Also, an exciting new potential championship rivalry is developing between Tommaso Ciampa and The Velveteen Dream. The show this week opened up with the NXT Champion coming down to the ring for a promo.
  Tommaso Ciampa made his way down to the ring and grabbed a microphone before proclaiming that he had the greatest entrance music in all of wrestling now. He said that the music has silenced all of the sheep in the crowd. Ciampa then began to note that somebody always has to break away from tradition, and in this instance, that person is The Velveteen Dream, who accused Ciampa of attacking Aleister Black a few weeks ago. The NXT Champion said that the Dream had captured his attention but went about it completely the wrong way. Velveteen Dream quickly came down to the ring to respond. He said that he isn’t afraid of Ciampa’s threats and that the title is in need of a real experience.
  Dream called Ciampa a “little bald man hiding behind his insecurities,” which Ciampa agreed was true, but he is a man who has the title and spotlight that the Dream craves. Tommaso claimed that Dream was just looking for attention when he made the Aleister Black accusations, and that he was simply not “tough enough” to face him. Before the two of them could bicker any further, Nikki Cross came down to the ring. The crowd wanted to see a Triple Threat match between the three of them, they didn’t get it. Instead, Nikki observes the two men for a while before slapping the mic right out of Ciampa’s hands. She ominously stated that she knows what both of them have done before exclaiming “I know,” in reference to Aleister Black’s assailant. Velveteen Dream eventually fled to the back before Nikki followed him out later on.

Keith Lee vs. Kona Reevs –
  This match was brought on after a backstage confrontation between these two rising NXT Superstars from a few weeks back. Lee is undefeated in NXT at the moment while Reeves is still claiming to be “NXT’s Finest” roster member.
  They both locked up and dragged each other over to the corner of the ring. Lee quickly took control and dished out huge chops to the chest with both of his hands. Lee launched into Reeves with a dropkick, which sent Kona outside of the ring. Keith Lee went over to grab Reeves and put him back in the ring, but he was blinded momentarily when Reeves threw the ring skirt in his face. This allowed Kona Reeves to scurry back into the ring and take advantage.
  Kona hit some punches on Keith Lee to take him down for a while. He also went into the corner of the ring and hit an elbow drop on Lee from the middle turnbuckle. He grabbed Lee by the head and began to wear him down in the center of the ring. Keith would eventually rise up and shake off his opponent. Reeves tried hitting more punches, but they did no damage to Lee. Reeves charged after the big man, but Lee fired back with a shoulder tackle to send him down to the canvas. Lee got Reeves up for the Supernova to earn himself another win in NXT.

Winner: Keith Lee
  Shayna Baszler talked about losing the Mae Young Classic before quickly debuting in NXT and winning the Women’s Championship. She admitted that the lost at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, but she said that she allowed herself to get too comfortable and that it was her own fault for not taking her match against Kairi Sane seriously, thus prompting her to lose the title.
  Kairi Sane was interviewed outside of Full Sail University next, and she stated that she was looking forward to facing Baszler again at Evolution on October 28th. When asked about her strategy for the match, the new champion reminded everyone that she has beaten Shayna before and will do so again.

  NXT General Manager William Regal was asked about the investigation into who attacked Aleister Black. Regal says that he is still unsure, but he is hoping to speak with Nikki Cross on the matter very soon. Kassius Ohno then entered the picture and (without mentioning his name) asked where new NXT Superstar Matt Riddle was. Regal was fed up with Ohno and simply walked into his office. Nikki Cross suddenly appeared and told Kassius that she knew what he did, perhaps implying that he was the one who attacked Aleister Black.
  After weeks of feuding, there will be a match between The Undisputed Era and The War Raiders next week. A video package showing how dominant Rowe and Hanson have been since joining NXT aired. Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong will be putting the NXT Tag Team Championships on the line against The War Raiders during their match.
  Bianca Belair and Nikki Cross will also be having a rematch on next week’s NXT show.
Pete Dunne vs. Adam Cole vs. Ricochet for the NXT North American Championship –
  As one might expect by now, these three men put on an absolutely stunning display of athleticism in this match. Both of these men have been having issues with Ricochet lately, and “The One and Only’s” title was on the line during this match.
  Right when the bell sounded, the three NXT Superstars went right after each other. Ricochet was sent out of the ring early on, leaving Dunne and Cole to face each other one-on-one. Pete took down Adam Cole and was able to keep him grounded until Ricochet made his way back into the ring. He and Dunne locked up until Dunne broke free and went right after the hands of the North American Champion. They then tried to out-wrestle each other, but they both were able to counter every move that the other had. Adam Cole got back into the match to end the competition between these two champions.
  Pete Dunne grabs onto Cole and begins to stretch out the limbs of first North American Champion. Ricochet administered a dropkick to Cole’s head to take him out of the picture. Dunne hit Ricochet with some punches before bending his fingers as far back as they would go without actually popping off. He grabbed his hand and twisted it behind his back, but Ricochet got out of the attempt. Ricochet went for a submission maneuver of his own, but Cole again ran into the ring and kicked both of them.
  Dunne takes over by hitting a step-up enzuigiri to Adam Cole. Ricochet surprised Dunne by coming down with a springboard flying headscissors. As Dunne laid outside of the ring, Ricochet got some shots in on Adam Cole. The currently NA titleholder then hit a moonsault on Dunne outside of the ring in order to keep him down while he took care of Cole in the ring. Ricochet was almost able to pin Adam Cole, but the leader of the Undisputed Era continued to fight.
  Back in the ring again, Pete Dunne hits a step-up enzuigiri on Ricochet. He dodged a shot from Cole and stacked him on top of Ricochet’s body in the middle of the ring. The United Kingdom Champion was able to secure a single double leg crab submission attempt on both men until Ricochet powered out of it. Ricochet then stopped Pete Dunne and put him in an octopus until Adam Cole hit a Backstabber to break up the maneuver.
  All three men are down at this point, but they are not out. On their knees, each of them took turns hitting each other with punches. The blows continued as they made their way to their feet. Adam launched into Dunne with a step-up enzuigiri and hit a knee on Ricochet to get a two count. Ricochet fought back by hitting Cole with a forearm. Dunne got a turn to his Adam with a forearm strike next. Once again, all three men begin attacking each other with all that they have left.
  Ricochet goes for a sprinboard moonsault, but Adam Cole and Pete Dunne send him crashing down with double superkicks. The UK Champion and Cole are alone now, and they begin to dish out some harsh shots before Dunne began to use his own head! Following a boot to Cole’s hand, he ran out to the ring apron in order to recover for a moment. Pete Dunne followed him out but got laid out with a DDT right on the apron. Seeing a shot available, Cole ran after Dunne and tried to hit a superkick on “The Bruiserweight” while he was resting against the ring steps. Dunne dodged the kick and grabbed onto Cole’s arm. He walked up the steel ring steps, planed Cole’s arm down and stomped right on the digits.
  The current North American Champion has recovered by now, so he went to hit a moonsault on his two opponents outside of the ring. Unfortunately, he missed and received a kick from Adam Cole. Both men failed to pay attention to the fact that Pete Dunne was making his way up to the top of one of the ring posts in the corner. Dunne successfully hit a moonsault and rolled Ricochet back into the ring before hitting his Bitter End finished. The UK Champ probably would have secured the North American strap right then and there had Adam Cole not saved the match and broke up the pin.
  Up next, Pete Dunne went back up to the top of one of the corner ring posts. Adam Cole quickly got up and joined him up there before Ricochet eventually did the same. After a brief scuffle, it was Ricochet who sent both men back tumbling down with a double hurricanrana. A reverse rana from Ricochet onto Dunne soon followed, but that was still not enough to end this match. Ricochet goes up top next, but Cole was able to prevent whatever he had in mind. Pete was able to catch Cole’s fingers and begin bending them. However, Cole reversed the maneuver and got Dunne down for a pin attempt. Even with both feet on the ropes, Dunne kicked out.
  Almost immediately afterwards, Dunne was able to get back up and hit a Bitter End on Adam Cole. That had to be the end of this one, right? Wrong! Ricochet executed a flip dive onto Pete. Dunne tried to fight back and began to bend back Ricochet’s fingers. Adam Cole gave him another kick and was even able to hit the Last Shot knee strike for another close near fall.
  Out of desperation now, Adam Cole ran after the NXT UK Superstar, but he was met with a clothesline that sent him down hard. Pete Dunne was able to hit the Bitter End on Adam Cole for a second time in this match, but before he was able to capitalize on this moment, Ricochet attacked Dunne with a springboard 450. With both men down and out now, Ricochet went for the pin and was able to get Dunne down for the count of three in order to retain his North American Championship.
Winner: Ricochet
  When the match was over, Ricochet celebrated his hard-fought victory by taking his title and posing with it in the ring as the show went off the air. Dunne and Cole have both had their chances to win the North American Championship now, but Ricochet has definitely proven that his title reign is no fluke. It will be interesting to see what is next for Cole and Dunne, and who may now be next in line to challenge Ricochet for his title. As for right now, Ricochet is still the champion, and the main event of this program was another fantastic match for each of these wrestlers who have already all had outstanding outings this year.
  The North American Championship was just successfully defended on NXT this week, but fans won’t have to wait too much longer for the next title defense on this show to take place. The Undisputed Era’s Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong will be defending the NXT Tag Team Championships against The War Raiders in just one week. Plus, Bianca Belair and Nikki Cross have another chance to tear the house down next week. It certainly looks like The Velveteen Dream and Tommaso Ciampa is the next NXT Championship program, and maybe, just maybe, and answer for the Aleister Black mystery is just around the corner. I’ll see you NXT time!

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