WWE NXT Results (6/26): Shayna Baszler Defends Women’s Title in a Steel Cage, NXT Breakout Tournament Begins!


June 26, 2019

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A recap is shown of the long rivalry between Shayna Baszler and Io Shirai, which will culminate in a steel cage match for the NXT Women’s Championship in tonight’s main event. Our commentators for the evening are Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix.

* * * * *


They went counter-for-counter to kick things off, coming up even, and Wilde offered a handshake. Garza took a cheap shot and nailed him with knee strike, then came off the ropes into a tilt-a-whirl facebreaker for an early two-count. Garza laid him out with a running dropkick and ripped his break-away pants off (shades of the dark lord Taichi), taunting the crowd who gave him a few whistles.

Garza slowed things down for a beat, applying various holds while mocking his opponent and keeping him grounded. Wilde rallied back with a defensive dropkick and fired off with a rapid series of kicks and strikes, nearly knocking his opponent out cold with a Detonation Kick. He went for a suicide dive, Garza rolled out of the way, but Wilde course-corrected in midair launching himself off the ropes to take them both down hard.

The two slowly fought up to the top rope trading rights and lefts, trying to gain the advantage. Garza finally got the better of the exchange and delivered a massive Avalanche Spanish Fly from the heavens, nailed a running knee strike, but somehow it wasn’t enough. He immediately followed with what can only be described as a Butterfly Stunner, scoring the victory in an impressive match.

Winner: Angel Garza

* * * * *

Still to come, the Street Profits are here following their huge victory at NXT Takeover XXV. They’ll be in non-title action against The Forgotten Sons. Plus, Shayna Baszler defends inside the steel cage!

Someone attempts to interview Damien Priest, but he’s not in the mood to answer questions and appears to be on his way out of the building. He says that realistically, the world hasn’t seen anything from him yet. Unlike every name on the NXT roster, the name “Priest” is going to live forever.


The Profits got on the mic and trashed the Forgotten Sons, telling them they’re not good enough to step to them in the ring, and if they do this the result is going to be the same as at Takeover. The Sons scream about wanting the NXT Tag Team Championships, and Montez Ford says they’re giving out “free smoke” tonight, and thinks the outcome will be the same whether the titles are on the line or not. Looks like we’ve got a title match!

The bell rings and the Sons go to work, dragging Ford to their corner and beating the absolute hell out of him with alternating tags. Dawkins eventually makes the hot tag and comes flying off the apron with a big lariat to take down both opponents. He starts hurling bodies left and right, with one suplex after another, then delivers a series of spinning splashes in the corner for both guys. Ford comes off the top rope with a huge Frog Splash, nearly gets the win, but Ryker pulled his guys to safety and started throwing hands, getting the Sons DQ’d.

Winners via DQ: The Street Profits

An all-out brawl breaks out after the match. The Forgotten Sons got the upper hand in a 3-on-2 beatdown until Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan came out of the crowd to make the save. The four ended up chasing off the Sons, but Burch and Lorcan picked up the titles and had a tense staredown with the champs.


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