WWE NXT Results: 3 Weeks Of Tapings From Winter Park, FL

I attended Thursday night’s WWE NXT tapings from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Here are the results from the triple taping featuring a special appearance from WWE Champion CM Punk:

Dark matches

– Dean Ambrose defeated CJ Parker by submission. Ambrose did some mic work before the match and taunted Parker.

– Damien Sandow defeated Garrett Dylan by submission. Sandow was very over with the crowd. Before the match, Sandow offered him gives him the opportunity to leave the ring and instead listen to him lecture. Sandow did a cartwheel after match, which got a big pop. They cheered “One more time!” loudly and he acted as if he was about to do a second cartwheel, but then walked off like a true heel.

Episode 1

– Drew McIntyre defeated Richie Steamboat via pinfall after hitting a double-underhook DDT. Kasskius Ohno came down and distracted Steamboat, which set up the finish.

– Big E Langston squashed Aiden English and had the ref count to 5. After the match, the crowd chanted for him to hit his finisher again, he did, and got another 5 count. They chanted for it again and he did it again, with another 5 count.

– Michael McGuillicutty came out to the ring and cut a promo saying he is the #1 contender to Seth Rollins’ NXT Championship. He then called Seth Rollins. McGuillicutty called him a “paper champion” a few times and Rollins fired back by saving he paved his own path and isn’t following in the footsteps of his daddy. Rollins said they’re scheduled to fight “next week” (later in the night) – but they should fight right now. McGuillicutty said they’ll fight when he’s ready.

– Kassius Ohno defeated Percy Watson by pin. Richie Streamboat came out at the beginning of the match and attacked Ohno.

– Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd defeated The Ascension after Gabriel hit the 450 splash. Jim Ross did commentary for this match.

– Leo Kruger promo video with his new crazy South African gimmick.

– Bo Dallas promo video talking about his family lineage and how much he loves wrestling.

Taping 2

– Bo Dallas defeated Johnny Curtis by pin after hitting a spear.

– Ascension and Kidd & Gabriel then came out for a re-shoot of their match finish. Neither team had a formal ring introduction this time, they just came out and fought. This time, Justin Gabriel missed his 450 splash and Ascension won after hitting their finisher, which is similar to the “Total Elimination” finisher of ECW’s ‘Eliminators.’ The crowd chanted “re-shoot.”

– Paige and Audrey Marie defeated Kaitlin & Alicia Fox. Paige got the pin and was very over with the crowd. During the match, Kaitlin called Paige the “anti-Diva.”

– Backstage interview with NXT Champion Seth Rollins, who says he can’t wait for his first title defense. He’s not nervous, he’s excited. CM Punk then showed up and told Rollins about respect. Punk told him that he shouldn’t try to earn respect from Michael McGuillicutty, he should beat it out of him.

– Leo Kruger squashed Dante Dash. Kruger ripped his hair out during the match. After the match, the lights went off and a spotlight shined on Kruger. He cut a promo, laughing and mumbling the whole time.

– Seth Rollins defeated Michael McGuillicutty to retain the NXT championship. CM Punk came out before the match and told Rollins he’d be watching the match. Punk called the action with Jim Ross.

– Kassius Ohno promo video aired.

– CM Punk vs. Antonio Cesaro was announced for the night’s main event.

Episode 3

– Alex Riley defeated Jinder Mahal with a rollup. Jinder Mahal attacked him after the match and applied the camel clutch.

– Trent Barretta defeated Jake Carter after a big knee to the face. Barretta was over with the crowd.

– Ascension & Kassius Ohno defeated the Uso’ss & Richie Steamboat after Ohno pins Steamboat. Really not a good match.

Dark Match Main Event:

– WWE Champion CM Punk defeated Antonio Cesaro after Kassius Ohno ran out and attacked CM Punk. Seth Rollins ran out and made the save for CM Punk. Punk grabbed the mic and said on RAW, AJ Lee is in charge. Tonight, he’s calling the shots. He gave the crowd what they were chanting for – a tag team match featuring all 4 men.

– CM Punk & Seth Rollins defeated Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno after Punk and Rollins both hit their finisher at the same time and got the double pin. Punk and Rollins celebrated after the show, until they are interrupted by John Cena. John Cena announces that he’s going to be at the next NXT tapings on September 20th. Punk looked pissed off, as if Cena stole his celebratory moment. Punk and Rollins continued to celebrate as the show ended.