WWE News: Sin Cara Moved to Smackdown Brand After Last Week's Incident

– In a correction to an earlier story involving the altercation between Sin Cara and Chris Jericho, it was actually Sin Cara who threw a wild right at Jericho, which never connected. According to those who witnessed the scuffle, Sin Cara “snapped within two seconds and without any warning”, which then ultimately got WWE to send him to anger management.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Subscription information available at f4wonline.com

– In another bit of news regarding Sin Cara, many thought that he would have been terminated for his latest outburst – reportedly the third time he’s gotten physical with a fellow wrestler backstage – or at least reprimanded in some way. However, pwinsider.com reports that for now Sin Cara has been “exiled” over to the Smackdown brand.