WWE Network News: new subscriber number, new TV shows

By Dave Meltzer, WrestlingObserver.com

– On Monday, WWE announced the Network has 1.3 million subscribers.

– 1000 hours will be added to the video library before the end of the year, which is now at 3,000 total hours.

– They plan to add WWE Network in remaining key locations like India, Germany, Japan and Italy.

– In February, they added 201,000 trial subscribers and 154,000 stayed as paying subscribers.

– There will be another free month in April for new subscribers.

– They averaged 918,000 paid subscribers in the first quarter.

– They noted that the pattern could include declines seasonally.

– They expect OIBDA growth in every quarter with continued growth. They expect greater than $3 million to $8 million for the first quarter.

– They will spend about $120 million on the network this year, which includes on the PPV events as well as programming.

– Behind the U.S. and the U.K.,┬áIndia is the company’s No. 3 market as far as TV revenue is concerned.

– Vince McMahon had a great quote about Sting, saying they took a character from obscurity and made him one of the main eventers at WrestleMania.

New TV shows on the way:

– Camp WWE – South Park in WWE form, superstars as little kids in camps, geared toward adults, Seth Green is producing

– Swerves – Pranks on WWE superstars when they least expect it, produced by Jackass producer

– Jerry Springer presents WWE Too Hot for TV

– A global version of WWE Diva Search