WWE Making Budget Cuts, Jerry Lawler’s Post WWE Plans

WWE Making Budget Cuts
WWE’s recent spate of firings is said to be due to the company enforcing serious budget cuts. The most recent victim of the WWE’s new policy is WWE creative team member Tom Casiello, who was heavily involved in the recent push of the “divas revolution” on WWE programming.
Casiello is largely regarded as the reason as to why female talents within the company began to receive more air time, pushing for Sasha Banks v Charlotte to main event the Hell in a Cell PPV as well as working with them on Total Divas.

Casiello’s firing has worried several other members of staff, fearing that they may be in danger of losing their jobs. Casiello’s role in the company has been eliminated and no one is expected to take over his now defunct position. 
Jerry Lawler also revealed that budgetary cuts withing the WWE are the reason behind his departure from the company. Speaking on Cerrito Live – “Dunn said that due to WWE being a publicly traqded company, it comes down to dollars and cents […] That having his salary being absorbed on the pre-show after he was taken off of SmackDown! made it very expensive to produce, so they decided to get rid of the pre-game show. Vince called the next day and said I’m definitely not done with WWE and reiterated that the pre-show was dropped due to costs.” 
Don’t be surprised to see WWE make more cuts in the coming weeks. 
For more of The King’s interview, be sure to check out the link below.

Cerrito Live Podcast- Jerry Lawler & Jim Cornette

Jerry Lawler’s Post WWE Career
Sticking with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, he has since announced that he plans to go on the road with his new one-man comedy tour, which kicks off in the United Kingdom in March next year.


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