WWE Main Event results (10/6): The Kevin Owens Show

WWE Main Event from Philadelphia was proclaimed the “Kevin Owens Show” by the reigning Intercontinental champion himself and basically it was just that, though credit is due to other talent that anchored the show as well. With a lot of crew headed overseas and unavailable for the taping, this episode featured only two matches, but both got plenty of time. Likewise, an angle on the show saw Jimmy Uso leave the broadcast booth to confront a boastful Kevin Owens.

Owens opened the show with an in-ring promo lobbying for himself to be named Superstar of the Year. He listed various potential nominees including John Cena, Brock Lesner and Seth Rollins. He sarcastically mentioned Kalisto and Cameron as candidates as well. Owens said he the only acceptable choice. He referred to 2015 as the “Kevin Owens Show” then began listing his accomplishments.

He started with winning the NXT title (or “NFC title” according to the closed captioning for this show). Owens went on to talk about beating John Cena. The crowd chanted, “WHAT!” He replied, “I beat John Cena, that’s what!” He then brought up winning the IC title from Ryback before bringing up his recent win over Chris Jericho at MSG. He noted he beat him on the 25th Anniversary of Jericho’s first match. Owens called it the “greatest night of his career” and noted the match was his debut at MSG. Owens claimed he was the first person to debut at MSG as IC champion.

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Owens was upset the commentators focused on Jericho’s anniversary on that night and ignored his accomplishments. He signaled out Byron Saxton (who was on commentary on this show with Tom Philips and Jimmy Uso) as Saxton provided commentary for the Garden show. Owens called him “disrespectful” and “rude” before saying it wasn’t the first time it had happened. He called Saxton a bully. Owens then turned his attention to Jimmy Uso, who was smirking and shaking his head.

Owens called out Uso before accusing him of hiding behind the announce desk. “You know, you wouldn’t want to get hurt, would you,” a snarky Owens asked Uso, whose twin brother is still out with an injury.

Jimmy took off his headset and thought things over for a moment. He left the booth and entered the ring to confront Owens. Uso snatched the microphone out of Owens’ hand and said Owens was right about one thing. Uso said he had been “sitting at that table talking all summer long and tonight, I’m done talking.” Uso got in Owen’s face and Owens backed down and slinked away. This set up a match for later in the show.

Naomi (with Tamina) beat Paige

Paige and Naomi began by grappling through several exchanges before reaching a stalemate. Naomi did a few leap frogs over Paige and dodged a few more moves, which frustrated Paige who kept screaming, “STOP IT!” Naomi gave her a flying headscissors but Paige cut her off. Paige draped her in the ropes for repeated knee strikes. Paige grounded Naomi and began to shine her up before a commercial.

After the break, Paige continued to get heat as she kept pummeling Naomi. Paige hooked Naomi in the tree-of-woe at one point. The announcers talked about the ongoing strife between Natalya and Paige. Paige taunted Tamina and the crowd before applying an abdominal stretch. Naomi countered with a hip toss for a hope spot. However, Paige caught Naomi on a crossbody and gave her a fallaway slam. The announcers foreshadowed the outcome in talking about Paige dominating the majority of the match. Just as they mentioned that, Naomi escaped a scoop slam and hit a clothesline.

They were both down on the mat then Paige began feeding into Naomi’s comeback. Naomi ran wild with a series of kick then an enzuigiri. Naomi executed a modified slingblade into a jawbreaker for a nearfall. Paige blocked a rump bump and hit a superkick for a two count. Paige began screaming at Tamina at ringside and Naomi rolled up the distracted Paige with an O’Connor roll into a bridge for the pinfall.

Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens beat Jimmy Uso in a nontitle match

At the opening bell, Owens powdered as he slid out of the ring to confront Byron Saxton, who cowered away. Uso jumped Owens only for Owens to cut him off back in the ring. Uso quickly fired up. After a couple of arm drags and a right hand from Uso, Owens bailed out again to set up Uso doing a baseball slide but Owens blocked it. He slung Uso out of the ring by his hair and Owens proceeded to toss Uso into the barricade. Much like the previous match, the heel kept pummeling the babyface through a commercial break.

Owens talked trash and delivered a DDT after Uso escaped a headlock. Back to the headlock, Uso fought free and a moment later hit an enzuigiri. Much like the prior match with Uso’s wife, both were down on the match selling before the babyface started the comeback. Uso ran wild with a flurry of moves leading to a Samoan drop. Owens blocked an enzuigiri only get reversed on an Irish whip to set up an attempted Umaga splash. Owens avoided the splash and countered with a cannonball into the corner for a nearfall.

Owens signaled for his finisher but Uso escaped and hit a superkick. Uso went to the top but Owens got his knees up when Uso went for a splash. Owens then used the pop-up powerbomb to score the pinfall, ending a very good match.

Afterwards, Owens bullied Saxton at ringside before leaving. Before exiting the scene Owens held the IC title overhead as he stood at the top of the ramp and proclaimed this the “Kevin Owens Show.”