WWE House Show Results (5/16/14) – Leeds, England

Thanks to rajah.com reader Tom for sending this in!

WWE live leeds results

– it is announced that daniel bryan won’t be there and people have 20 min to get a
refund – lots of boos but no one leaves

– randy orton appears and basically says bryan is a coward as he knew he’s lose
the title in Leeds! He calls out roman reigns who appears! The match starts and
lasts about 5 seconds before Curtis axel and Ryback come out and attack roman!

The rest of the shield make the save! Brad Maddox comes out and makes a Leeds
street fight between randy and roman For later in the night! He sends roman and
randy to the back and starts a tag match between sheild and Rybaxel!

Shield fly all over the place and eventually win!

Ultimate dragon appears to a good reaction! Lana comes out to a huge cheer but
mentions Russia and gets booed! Rusev appears and squashes the dragon!

Kane appears on the Tron and announced a cage match between him and big show
later! Crowd go mental for this as no one knew!

Bo Dallas comes out and gives a promo! He got loads of heat! He was absolutely
hilarious! Great heel! “Bo-leave”, “let’s bo-gin”! We could see His dad IRS sat on
the side!

Adrian Neville vs bo-Dallas! Great match! Neville won with a top rope spinning
somersault splash thing! It was cool!

Diva match! I missed it as went to get beer but my mrs says it was great! Paige
and funkadactyls won! Paige got great reaction!

Kane vs big show cage match!
We don’t usually get gimmick matches so this was amazing to see! Great bit when
both big men are standing on the top rope and both fall over the ropes! Crowd were
in bits!

Big show wins by escaping the cage!!! Show leaves! Kane goes mental and grabs two
referees! Maddox comes out to stop kane! Kane goes to leave then changes his mind
and choke slams the hell out of Maddox to great reaction!

There was a dance off between Mark Henry and fandango! Henry put on one glove and
danced to Michael Jackson! He moon walked and did the splits!! Seriously!!! The
crowd went crazy for that and fandango stomped the hell out of him! Henry got up
and clattered him! Henry got loads of kids in the ring and danced!

Intercontinental match RVD vs big e vs “we the people” vs bad news

Zeb colter gave a promo before hand saying he liked the Scottish better!

It was very funny!

The place went crazy for bad news who was pretty much a face!!!

Bad news won!!!

Street fight
Chairs / tables / kendo sticks! The rest of the shield and rybaxel all fighting!
Hilarious! Roman won with a spear and two superman punches on randy orton! Romans
eye is messed up!

I think they went all out tonight due to daniel bryan not being there but crowd
went home happy!!!