WWE House Show Results (08/29/08) – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Reader Rhynomoore77 sent in the following report:

Went to The Cedar Rapids US Cellular Center event Friday night and here were the matches…

D-Lo Brown vs. an unknown wrestler..Dlo won with the Sky High.

William Regal vs. Batista…Batista won by pinfall

Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix vs. Kofi Kingston and Candice Michelle in a Winner take All match…Santino and Beth won

Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes vs. Cryme Tyme..Dibiase and Rhodes won and were holding the belts but Cryme Tyme attacked from behind and re-stole the belts.

Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy in a No DQ match…Henry won after Atlas came down to ringside and distracted Hardy.

CM Punk vs Kane…CM Punk won by pinfall

Show ended…

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