WWE Elimination Chamber Results: No DQ – AJ Styles vs Aleister Black

The following report comes from our complete WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view live coverage courtesy of our own Doug Enriquez.


Both men circle the ring and AJ quickly gets a side headlock on Black. Black sends Styles off the ropes and Black looks ready to strike so AJ holds onto the ropes and smiles. Styles looks to pick the leg of Black, but Black breaks away. Style once again tries to pick the leg, but Black backs up and nails Styles with a kick to the midsection. Black starts to nail Styles with kicks to the leg, but Gallows gets up on the ring apron and Styles hits Black with a chop block.

AJ Styles goes and grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and he nails Black in the back of the leg with it. Black goes to the outside to recoup and AJ springboards to the outside to follow, but Black hits AJ with a big knee to the midsection. Black sets up a table but turns around and is met with a steel chair from AJ to the midsection. AJ throws him back in the ring and sets up the chair in the corner. Black tries fighting away and is able to avoid being sent into the corner, but AJ surprises Black with a step up Enziguri to the back of the head.

Styles sticks his knee to the back of the leg of Black before getting up and hitting him with a kick to the midsection. Black starts to get some energy behind him and return some kicks of his own before a crazy knee to the side of the head of AJ. Black gingerly walks towards Styles, but Styles Is too quick and locks in the Calf Crusher!!! Black is screaming in the center of the ring and finally makes his way to grab the Kendo Stick that is in the center of the ring and he starts to press it hard on the face of Styles and he is forced to let go.

Both men get up and Styles surprises Black with a brain buster in the center of the ring. He goes for the cover, but once again Black kicks out at two. AJ looks towards the steel chair but Black springboards off the middle rope and nails a moonsault onto AJ! Black kicks to get some feeling back in his leg, then finds himself behind AJ to hit a German Suplex. He picks him up again but this time AJ picks up Aleister to nail a ridiculous Ushigaroshi, crunching Black’s neck right to the knee of Styles.  Black gets up and tries to springboard off the 2nd rope again, but AJ catches him in Tombstone position! Styles slashes at his throat in true Undertaker fashion, but Black rolls through and AJ goes right into the chair that was propped up in the corner!

Black calls for the Black Mass and this prompts Gallows and Anderson to rush the ring and start a beatdown on Black. They hit Black with the MagiKiller much to the love of AJ Styles. Styles gets on the apron to set up for the Phenomenal Forearm while The OC hold Aleister Black….


The lights go out and then come back on and instead of The OC holding Black….THE UNDERTAKER HAS GALLOWS AND ANDERSON BY THE NECK! AJ tries to nail the phenomenal forearm to The Undertaker, but The Undertaker snatches him out of the air and nails a HUGE choke slam in the center of the ring to AJ. The lights go out again and when they come back on, only Black and Styles are in the ring! Black gets up and he nails AJ Styles with a Black Mass to pick up the victory!!!

Winner: Aleister Black

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