WWE Diva Playboy Covers, Beth Phoenix Not On Raw, WWE DVD Notes

— To promote the WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 video game, Playboy’s official website has a poll asking fans to choose their favorite Playboy WWE Diva cover. There have been a total of 9 covers featuring WWE Divas including Sable, Chyna, Torrie Wilson, Christy Hemme, Candice Michelle and Ashley Massaro. You can vote in the poll at this link. Torrie Wilson’s May 2003 cover is currently in the lead.

— The WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix did not appear on Raw last night. She did not appear on Heat or in a dark match either. Raw was held in Buffalo, NY last night, and Beth Phoenix is billed from Buffalo. Considering that WWE is building her up to be a big monster heel in the women’s division, it would have been counterproductive to have her go out there and likely get a large babyface reaction from the hometown crowd.

— SilverVision.co.uk is listing last week’s segment on Raw of Vince McMahon naming the greatest Superstar in Raw history as the lone DVD extra on the Armageddon 2007 DVD. Also, the BBFC out of the U.K. has classified the upcoming “Stone Cold” Steve Austin DVD and listed the contents at the following link. It appears that the DVD will be similar to the Undertaker DVD & the first Shawn Michaels DVD where they recap the storyline at the time and then show the big match. If that’s the case, then there won’t be a documentary on the DVD. It doesn’t look the DVD will be featuring too many extras as there is not too many items listed. For the extras they’re only listing his SummerSlam 1996 Free-For-All match with Yokozuna, a confrontation with Terry Funk on Shotgun Saturday Night in January 1997, his WrestleMania 22 “Gladiator” commercial, an appearance on SNME, and something regarding Vince McMahon. The DVD set will be three discs and it’s scheduled to be released on Feb 12, 2008.

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