WWE Champion Brock Lesnar QUITS Friday Night Smackdown!

The Beast has walked out on Friday Night Smackdown.

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Brock Lesnar kicked off tonight’s show in Buffalo, with Paul Heyman close behind him of course, as one of the few blue brand stars actually in North America at the time due to travel issues with the talent returning from Saudi Arabia. Lesnar himself got on a private jet immediately after Crown Jewel, which is why he made the show with plenty of time to spare.

Heyman rolled footage of his client tapping out UFC legend Cain Velasquez the day before in Riyadh, calling it the most “spiritually orgasmic” moment of his career – that is, until Rey Mysterio ruined his spotlight with a steel chair and chased him off.

The two then made a blockbuster announcement. Since Mysterio is currently a member of the Monday Night Raw, and Lesnar is “contractually obligated” to only appear exclusively for the blue brand, following the recent WWE Draft. So in order to do what needs to be done, Lesnar has officially QUIT his job on Smackdown, and will be arriving next Monday night to go hunting for the lucha legend.

That also means that the WWE Championship has left Team Smackdown, which does make sense given that The Fiend, a fellow blue brand star, won the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel.