WWE Bans Ringside Photographers, Jesse Ventura Rips On Hulk Hogan

Source: PWInsider.com

— WWE has banned photographers from ringside at television tapings. The company feels they are showing up too prominently on HD broadcasts, so they will now have to shoot from the area where WWE sets up their stationary TV cameras. Photographers will still be allowed at ringside for house shows.

— In a recent interview with WrestlingWorldInsanity.com, Jesse Ventura had some harsh words to say about Hulk Hogan. After years of speculation, Ventura finally revealed that it was Hulk Hogan who ratted him out to Vince McMahon for wanting to form a wrestlers union in the late 1980s. The union issue was one of the major factors that contributed to McMahon and Ventura’s strained relationship:

“Let me say this. Hogan was the biggest thing ever in wrestling. You know, in our era, there’s no doubt about that. Hulkamania on all that, but it’s like my agent in Hollywood would say. When everyone was Hulkamania this, Hulkamania that, my agent kept saying, “Yeah. That’s great. But this Jesse Ventura is truly more talented.” Hogan and I have not been on good terms for a long, long time ever since I tried to unionize wrestling and he’s the one who ratted me to Vince. So, at that time, I realized this so-called friend was indeed not a friend; that he was completely in it for himself. But that’s the nature of the business. You know, it is a cut-throat business and I accept that. I don’t have a great deal of respect for Hogan, today, and one of the reasons is because of that show he does, “Hogan Knows Best.” This is just my opinion, but I’d never exploit my family that way to the media. I think that’s grasping at stardom and attempting to stay on top.”

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