WWE 2K18 DLC Update, News for Tonight’s WWE 205 Live, Watch Undertaker vs Big Show vs Y2J

Photo Credit: 2K Sports

WWE 2K18 DLC Update

2K has issued the following:

“2K today announced the WWE 2K18 Kurt Angle and Cena (Nuff) Packs are Now Available as downloadable content on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Kurt Angle Pack:

Formerly available only as a pre-order bonus includes:Includes two playable versions of Kurt Angle (WWE “American Hero” and ECW “Wrestling Machine”);The Kurt Angle Pack is available for $4.99.

Cena (Nuff) Pack:

Formerly available only in the WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition or Cena (Nuff) Edition;Includes two playable versions of John Cena (ECW One Night Stand and WrestleMania 26) and playable characters Batista and Rob Van Dam;The Cena (Nuff) Pack is available for $7.99.

While neither of these newly available packs are included in the WWE 2K18 Season Pass, they are special items for pre-order customers (Kurt Angle Pack) or Deluxe and Cena (Nuff) customers (Cena (Nuff) Pack).

For complete details on this WWE 2K18 announcement, see the blog post here: https://wwe.2k.com/news/entries/wwe-2k18-kurt-angle-batista-and-rob-van-dam-dlc-characters-available-for-purchase-today.”

News for Tonight’s WWE 205 Live

Tonight’s edition of WWE 205 Live will feature a birthday celebration for Kalisto, and WWE.com is also hyping the following:

“Last week’s episode of WWE 205 Live brought a brief reprieve in the intense rivalry that has Gentleman Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick trying to convince Cedric Alexander to embrace his cruelty and turn on his friend, Rich Swann. Although the four Superstars did not confront one another in the United Kingdom, Cedric Alexander teamed up with Mark Andrews in a tag team battle against James Drake and Joseph Connors. The agile Superstars made good use of his platform to show the U.K. Championship division – and his antagonists Gallagher and Kendrick – exactly what he’s capable of inside the ring.

However, The Man with a Plan has no doubt not taken kindly to being mocked by Swann during their battle on Halloween night. Swann – dressed as a clown, taking Kendrick’s insults in stride – picked up an impressive victory against the former Cruiserweight Champion. With time to recalibrate and strategize, will Gallagher and Kendrick turn up the intensity when they target Alexander and Swann?”

Watch Undertaker vs Big Show vs Y2J at SSeries

WWE has released the following video:

“World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker battles Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show in a Triple Threat Match: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network”:

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