WWE 205 Live Results (5/28): Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tonight’s episode of 205 Live takes place at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Jack Gallagher and Humberto Carrillo are watching playback from their victory against the Singh Brothers. Gallagher says he enjoyed teaming up with Carrillo, but that they have unfinished business…”I must know if I can defeat you one on one…and I’d like to find out…tonight.” Carrillo agrees, stating that it’ll be a pleasure to defeat Gallagher again.

205 Live song intro.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us 205 Live from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Brian Kendrick makes his way out for the evening’s opening bout. A tweet sent by Kendrick is shown from earlier in the day where he congratulated his friend Akira Tozawa on becoming the number one contender for the cruiserweight championship. He’ll be facing…Mike Kanellis, who is accompanied by his wife Maria.

Brian Kendrick versus

Kendrick comes out firing right hands. Kanellis slows him down with a kick to the gut but Kendrick bounces off the ropes and takes Kanellis down with a flying forearm. Kanellis drops Kendrick with a shoulder block…Kendrick responds by applying the Bully choke! Kanellis rolls to the outside to break the submission. Kendrick follows him out and they brawl at ringside. Kendrick smashes Kanellis off the ringpost and the announcers table. Kanellis tries to whip Kendrick into the barricade but Kendrick reverses it. Kendrick charges…Kanellis gets the boots up, then suplexes Kendrick into the barricade. Kanellis is now in control.

Back in the ring…Kanellis connects with a suplex. Pinfall…Kendrick kicks out. Modified clutch from Kanellis cranking at Kendrick’s head and neck. Kendrick gets to his feet and creates separation…he comes off the ropes…Kanellis catches him with a spinebuster. Another pinfall…another kickout. Kanellis lays into Kendrick with some stiff chops…he sets him on the top rope for a superplex attempt but Kendrick blocks it and jumps over Kanellis. Nice sequence of counters…Kendrick with the Bully choke again…Kanellis in trouble…he manages to get to the ropes breaking the hold. He climbs to the outside to regroup…Kendrick meets him out there…they both end up on the steel steps…Kendrick suplexes Kanellis onto the arena floor! Both men hit hard.

Kendrick tries to pin Kanellis but he kicks out. He goes for sliced bread…Kanellis counters…Kendrick keeps control and the Bully choke is on again! Kanellis struggles…he picks Kendrick up and drops him with a samoan driver. He doesn’t have enough energy to make the pinfall. Back and forth striking…each man trades a superkick…Kanellis nearly decapitates Kendrick with a lariat. Another exchange…sliced bread lands! Kendrick doesn’t make the cover…Kanellis hits a superkick. Another. Cross-rhodes…that’ll do it.

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Mike Kanellis wins by pinfall

Mike and Maria celebrate the victory. Commentary team hypes Lars Sullivan in-ring debut against all members of the Lucha House Party.

Backstage the champ Tony Nese is chatting with General Manager Drake Maverick. Nese says that he’s getting restless from not competing. Akira Tozawa walks up. Nese thanks him for coming to the meeting…he tells Tozawa that he was impressed from his performance last week, and wants him to be the new number one contender. Maverick says he will consider the option, but he cannot currently sign off on it as he already has a lot on his plate. Nese thanks Maverick for the meeting.

Commercial or Super Showdown.

Ariya Daivari cuts a promo. He says that last week’s main event was his chance to prove that he belongs at the top of the 205 division, but instead he got six stitches thanks to Oney Lorcan. “I will be responsible for Lorcan’s next set of stitches,” growls Daivari.

Noam Dar is out for the next match. Commentary talks about his heelish antics on NXT UK, where he faked an injury to earn a victory. His opponent…Mike Karma…is already in the ring.

Noam Dar versus Mike Karma

Tie-up. Dar pushes Karma into the corner…they break the grapple but not before Dar rubs Karma’s head tauntingly. Second tie-up…Dar playfully slaps Karma in the face…he tosses him to the outside. Karma jumps back in…Dar tosses him out the other side, then plays to the crowd. Karma comes back in angrily…he lays into Dar with stiff right hands but Dar drops him with a shin kick. He sets up in the corner…Shining Wizard. This one is over quick.

Noam Dar wins by pinfall

Post-match, Dar gets asked if this victory will get him back on track. Dar claims he was never “off” track, and says the only reason he would be off his game is from all the jet-lag from flying back and forth between 205 Live and NXT UK so he can be a star on two continents. Segment ends with him shouting that Oklahoma sucks.

Backstage Drake Maverick is asked besides Tozawa, who else could the WWE Universe see challenging for the cruiserweight championship. Before Maverick can answer…he sees 24/7 champion R-Truth and begins chasing him.

Oney Lorcan cuts a promo. He takes responsibility for falling short in last week’s main event, but takes credit for busting up Ariya Daivari. Lorcan says that Daivari looks a little unbalanced and offers to “even things out” the next time they meet in the ring.

Main event time. Jack Gallagher is out first, followed by Humberto Carrillo. Here we go.

Jack Gallagher versus Humberto Carrillo

Tie-up. Neither man can gain the advantage. Second tie-up. Carrillo takes Gallagher to the mat with a wristlock. Gallagher shows off his British wrestling background with a very fancy and technical escape. He traps Carrillo’s arm in a submission but Carrillo escapes. Carrillo grabs Gallagher’s ankle, and twists it, which leads to a fun pin sequence. Both men reset. Third tie-up. Carrillo with a headlock…Gallagher breaks free but walks right into a huge arm-drag. Carrillo off the ropes…shoulder block. Another arm-drag from Carrillo. Gallagher goes to the corner for his signature headstand…Carrillo mimics him on the other side. Gallagher shakes the ropes…he and Carrillo really lay into each other. Both men show off their athleticism…Carrillo with a waistlock…Gallagher uses his momentum to send Carrillo to the outside. Gallagher slides out…he tosses Carrillo into the barricade for the heat.

Back in the ring…Gallagher wears Carrillo down with an elbow to his face. He tries to pin him but Carrillo powers out. Clubbing forearms by Gallagher…Carrillo fires off some elbows to break Gallagher’s grip…Gallagher nails him with a dropkick. Cover…only two. Carrillo mounts a comeback beginning with a back body drop. Gallagher gets sent to the outside…twisting tope con hilo from Carrillo. He lands a standing moonsault back in the ring that nearly wins the match but Gallagher gets a shoulder up at the last second.

Carrillo and Gallagher end up on the top rope…Gallagher goes for a back suplex…it connects. Fight spills to ringside…Gallagher charges Carrillo near the bellkeeper’s area…Carrillo catches Gallagher with a hip-toss into the barricade. Both men on the apron…Carrillo with a missile dropkick from the top. Handspring arm-drag. Cover…Gallagher kicks out! Carrillo goes for a moonsault…Gallagher gets the feet up! Carrillo falls in the corner…running dropkick! Carrillo to the outside…suicide dive from Gallagher connects. He tosses Carrillo back into the ring and climbs…Carrillo gets the feet up but Gallagher catches them…cradle…two count! Double-lariat and both men are down.

Hockey fight…neither man is giving in. Enziguri by Carrillo…Gallagher with a stalling suplex…Carrillo turns it into a DDT. He climbs…twisting 450. Cover…got em!

Humberto Carrillo wins by pinfall

Carrillo offers a handshake, which Gallagher accepts. They share a respectful embrace before Gallagher exits.