WWE 205 Live Results (4/10): Kalisto vs Akira Tozawa, Drew Gulak Puts An End to His PowerPoint Presentations?

WWE 205 Live Results
April 10, 2018

– Vic Jospeh welcomes us to 205 Live and announces that Nigel McGuinness will be out for the next two weeks, but introduces a new perminent fixture to the commentary team on Tuesday nights, “Showtime” Percy Watson!

– We see backstage of videos of Kalisto with the Lucha House Party hyping tonight’s match, and Akira Tozawa talking about the respect he has for Hideo Itami. Tonight both guys face off, with no one else at ringside.


Some excellent back and forth chain grappling to start things off as both guys had each other scouted at every turn. Tozawa settled for stiff punches and strikes trying to be unpredictable, and Kalisto responded with his own brand of offense; even the announcers brought up that this was a battle of strong-style against lucha-style. Great build-up at the end as both guys threw everything they had but couldn’t get the win. Kalisto hit a Spanish Fly from the top and a rolling Death Valley Driver but it wasn’t enough. Tozawa hit a brutal looking monkey flip (first time I’ve ever said that) sending his opponent’s leg into the ropes, in a spot that might have actually messed him up. He went up for the diving senton but Kalisto got the knees up, injuring both of them in the process. Lots of pinning combinations from both men including an impressive bridge from Kalisto, who somehow reversed a pin attempt into the Solida del Sol to finally put this one away. Excellent 15-minute match.

Winner: Kalisto

– Mark Andrews is shown backstage and gets a good pop from the international crowd. Tony Nese walks into the locker room and says that it should be him getting revenge on Drew Gulak for turning into a vengeful egomaniac, and tells Andrews to go out there and kick his ass.

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– Drew Gulak came out to cut a promo in front of the crowd. He calls himself a man of the people and asks the fans if they want to see one of his PowerPoint presentations. Eventually actually starts cheering and they show clips of fans going crazy wanting to see it. He heels on them saying they’re not going to see one tonight because he’s not Microsoft Office mastermind anymore, he’s the best damn submission specialist in all of WWE and if you step to him you will… tap… out!

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