WWE 205 Live Preview, Aug. 7, 2018: Mustafa Ali vs. Hideo Itami

Tonight on WWE 205 Live, Mustafa Ali returns to action to battle Hideo Itami as both Superstars aim to prove they are still in the hunt for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
How Will WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander Respond To Drew Gulak’s Attack?
At SummerSlam, Drew Gulak will seek vindication for his campaign for a better WWE 205 Live when he challenges WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander. After earning the opportunity by claiming victory in a Fatal 4-Way Match, Gulak joined the broadcast team as his ally The Brian Kendrick battled The Soul of WWE 205 Live last week. Although Alexander emerged victorious, his celebration was cut short by Gentleman Jack Gallagher. Gulak soon entered the fray, and the three targeted the champion before WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick intervened.

With his title defense at The Biggest Party of the Summer on the horizon, how will Alexander respond to Gulak’s strong statement, and can both Superstars refrain from attacking each other until SummerSlam?
Can The Heart Of WWE 205 Live Withstand The Hard-Hitting Style Of Hideo Itami?
During the Fatal 4-Way Match to determine who would face Cedric Alexander for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at SummerSlam, Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami found themselves at odds, most notably at the end of the contest when the Japanese Superstar slammed Ali into the steel steps with a running dropkick. It was that maneuver that allowed Drew Gulak the opportunity to take down Itami and apply the Gulock to Ali for the victory.
As revealed on Twitter, WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick announced that Ali and Itami would meet in singles competition as both competitors set out to prove they are still primed for another WWE Cruiserweight Championship opportunity.

Who will emerge victorious in what is sure to be a fast-paced and hard-hitting battle? Don’t miss WWE 205 Live tonight on the award-winning WWE Network!
Source: WWE.com

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