Worldwide Actions Call for Clean Energy in 'Global Frackdown'

At hundreds of actions across dozens of countries on Saturday, people are raising their voices as part of the second Global Frackdown to say “no” to the polluting practice of fracking, “yes” to a low-carbon economy fueled by clean, sustainable energy.

“All over the world people are rising up to say, ‘Instead of fracking for ever dirtier fuel, it’s time to tap the endless energy of the wind and sun,’” said Bill McKibben, founder of, one of the organizations participating in the “Frackdown.”

Organizers expect roughly 250 coordinated actions across over 25 countries.

Adding his voice of support is Josh Fox, the director of the highly-acclaimed movie Gasland and Advisory Board Member for Americans Against Fracking, who notes that “the movement for a ban on fracking is truly worldwide.”

“From every perspective, be it water and air contamination, global climate change or the health of our democracies worldwide, we need to break from the past” and move towards a clean energy future, stated Fox.