World deaf beach volleyball championships in Turkey

We will have our first world championships in beach volleyball! The event gives elite deaf beach volleyball athletes from around the world an opportunity to compete against each other on the beach by the Mediterranean Sea in Alanya“, says Turkey. Terry Goldschmitz Jr.


I am Terry Goldschmitz, Jr, from Minnesota. I played with 2011 USA National Deaf Men Volleyball team (indoors) last year which it was my first experience and I had the privilege of representing my country for the first time. The feeling was incredible, met players from another countries, experiencing their culture, their sign language weren’t similiar to ours which was sweet I’ve played volleyball indoors and beach all my life. Now I’m 38 years old, this may be my final chance of representing my country at (2on2) Deaf Beach World Championship as a beach player for the first time and I want this to be memorial, my children to look up to their dad who’s an athlete and also a daddy. To be a role model to every deaf children around the world .


The year 2012 is certainly a busy year for the Turkish Deaf Sports Federation(TDSF) EDSO basketball championships (June), ICSD world football championships (July), and ICSD world beach volleyball championships (September). Less than a year ago, the ICSD congress granted Turkey the rights to host the 2017 Summer Deaflympics. Hosting several international events this year gives Turkey an opportunity to gain experience and publicity it needs to prepare for the Summer Deaflympics in Ankara five years from now.


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