Who Was Left Off WrestleMania Last Night?, Stephanie McMahon Interview, Cena

— In an interview with the New York Post yesterday, Stephanie McMahon teased Mickey Rourke getting involved in the Chris Jericho vs. WWE Legends match as the big mainstream spot at WrestleMania XXV.

Here is the article, which has since been deleted:


Posted: 12:00 am
April 5, 2009

Whether you call it a sport or just pure, unadulterated entertainment, there’s no arguing about the fact that WrestleMania is the biggest night of professional wrestling’s year.

The four-hour, pay-per-view event being broadcast live tonight from Houston’s Reliant Stadium — which holds 71,500 people — is “our Super Bowl,” says Stephanie McMahon-Levesque, an executive vice president at World Wrestling Entertainment.

“It’s the the best of the best wrestlers competing against each other,” adds McMahon-Levesque, who is the daughter of WWE chairman Vince McMahon and wife of wrestler Triple H.

“There is no match that you would be disappointed by or that’s not a main event attraction.”

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania, the WWE is putting on a star-studded show.

Besides featuring superstars — including Triple H, John Cena and the Undertaker — the WWE has taped the Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger to kick off the night with a rendition of “America the Beautiful,” an honor previously held by the likes of Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. Kid Rock will also play a medley of his hits, including “Cowboy,” “Bawitdaba,” “Rock N Roll Jesus” and “So Hott.”

Mickey Rourke, who won a slew of awards for his portrayal of Randy “The Ram” Robinson in “The Wrestler,” adds star power from the audience, as he supports pals Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat. They’re challenging Chris Jericho on Rourke’s behalf.

It’s a rivalry that began when the notoriously feisty Rourke challenged Jericho to a match while on the red carpet at January’s SAG Awards.

Will Rourke enter the ring in an attempt to recapture his Oscar-nominated role? McMahon-Levesque says we’ll have to wait and see.

“Chris Jericho has insinuated that he’s going to do everything he can to get Mickey in the ring and Mickey’s confirmed that he’s going to be there, but that’s as far as it goes,” she says.

“We’ll see if his temper flies, which it has been known to do — we’d all be looking forward to it should that happen. You just never know, especially with Mickey Rourke and the WWE.”

— Here is the list of talent who were left off last night’s show altogether:

» Batista (injured)
» “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
» Sim Snuka

» DH Smith
» Festus
» Jesse
» Kung Fu Naki
» Mr. Kennedy (injured)
» Ranjin Singh
» Umaga

» DJ Gabriel
» Ricky Ortiz
» Theodore Long
» Tyson Kidd

— During the opening of last night’s 11:00 p.m. SportsCenter broadcast on ESPN, John Cena was shown doing the SportsCenter jingle.

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