What Happened After RAW: CM Punk vs. John Cena

Rajah.com reader Bobby Moore sent in this live report of what happened after Monday’s RAW from Indianapolis, Indiana went off the air:

After the cameras stopped rolling, John Cena and C.M. Punk did a little more posing with the belts, then Cena suggested to Punk that the fans would rather see them fight. Punk agreed, a ref jumped in the ring, and the bell rang.

Bonus Dark Match: WWE champion John Cena vs. WWE champion C.M. Punk went to a Double DQ/No Contest. Back and forth match that lasted about six minutes with each wrestler teasing their finishers a couple of times. Out came Miz and Truth, jumping both champs for the No Contest.

Afterward, Miz went outside the ring and grabbed both belts. The heels double-Irish whipped the champs into the ropes, but the champs ducked under the attempted head shots with the titles. Punk then hit the G2S on Truth and Cena hit the AA on Miz.

To close the taping, the champs did more posing with the belts and the music kept changing back and forth from Punk’s to Cena’s. Punk left, then stopped at the top of the ramp to applaud Cena. Cena posed some more, then left.

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