What Happened After Monday's RAW Went Off The Air

After Monday’s WWE RAW from Charlotte, North Carolina went off the air, Ryback stayed in the ring for his dark match main event against CM Punk.

The Champion came back out and took a long before entering the ring. Punk tried to get out of the match by saying he was still banged up from Hell in a Cell.

Ryback defeated CM Punk by disqualification after the members of CM Punk’s Survivor Series team ran down and attacked Ryback. Ryback was in control for most of the match until Ryback fought back and went for his Shell Shocked finisher. This is when Team Punk made the save for their captain.

After the match, Mick Foley’s team ran out and evened the odds, starting a huge brawl before both teams left the ring – leaving the captains. Ryback hit Punk with Shell Shocked to send the crowd home happy.

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