'We Must Protect the Water': Indigenous Leaders and Allies Stage Sit-In to Protest Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Building on the massive march against the expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline that brought 10,000 people to the streets of British Columbia last weekend, Indigenous leaders and their allies staged a sit-in on Saturday at a pipeline construction site on Burnaby Mountain, kicking off a wave of civil disobedience that is set to continue through next week.

“I’m standing up for Indigenous rights, for clean water, and for a safe, liveable climate and look forward to doing so alongside the ever growing movement against this dangerous pipeline.”
—Clayton Thomas-Muller, 350.org

Chants of “I believe that we will win” rang out as police began arresting demonstrators, who ignored a court injunction to stay away from Kinder Morgan’s construction activities and protested in front of a company site for over five hours.

As documented by Greenpeace Canada’s Mike Hudema, dozens of Indigenous leaders and their allies sat in a line in front of a company construction site gate, with some locking themselves to the fence.