WATCH: John Oliver Criticizes WWE for Saudi Arabian Propaganda; Says John Cena “Can’t See” Human Rights Abuses

This week’s episode of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with comedian and political pundit John Oliver covers the ongoing controversy surrounding Saudi Arabia, the alleged assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and in particular the United States’ shady history with the kingdom.

“How is this related to professional wrestling?” – you might ask?

At the seven-minute mark, Oliver brings up the extremely lucrative relationship between Saudi Arabia and the WWE, criticizing the company for producing numerous propaganda pieces for the government earlier this year at The Greatest Royal Rumble.

For instance, one of the major changes WWE and its superstars kept pushing were that women were given the legal right to drive, which Oliver breaks down including several instance of women being arrested who protested for that very same right. He also showed several clips from the Greatest Royal Rumble, including commentary praising the crown prince for his new progressive stances, as well as 16-time world champion John Cena personally thanking the Saudi government.

Oliver also criticizes WWE officials for returning to Saudi Arabia for the upcoming WWE Crown Jewel event on Nov. 2nd, joking that John Cena “can’t see” the nation’s human rights abuses.

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