WATCH: Alberto Del Rio And Tito Ortiz Get Physical During Staredown

During the staredown ahead of their upcoming MMA fight, Alberto Del Rio and Tito Ortiz ended up getting a little physical in front of the press.

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The two men were taking part in a media appearance to promote their fight, which is under the Combate Americas banner and it ended in a staredown that saw Ortiz shove the former WWE Champion.

In a case of when keeping it real goes wrong, Alberto El Patron and Tito Ortiz get a bit pushy prior to their December 7th fight for Combate Americas.

— MMA mania (@mmamania) November 9, 2019

Del Rio spoke with MMA Mania after the incident, giving his thoughts on what Tito did.

“I thought Tito might try something like that because I’ve noticed that he can dish out trash talk, but can’t take it when someone gives it back to him,” Del Rio said.

The fight will take on December 7th at the Payne Arena in Hidalgo, Texas, and air on pay-per-view for $39.99.

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MMA Mania