WATCH: AJ Styles Discusses Work-Life Balance As A WWE Superstar

WWE’s YouTube channel has uploaded a brand new video of AJ Styles as he breaks down the work-life balance of being a WWE Superstar.

AJ discussed why he loves being in wrestling, due to his love of competition

“I love to compete, so I feel like I am in competition all the time and this business is great for that. At the end of the day, if I give you everything that I’ve got then I did everything I could to make it better.”

AJ also spoke about the opportunity to work overseas on international tours with WWE

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“Working internationally is different, the fans don’t get the opportunity to see that often so they are loving everything we do and are just excited that you’re here. Fans make WWE what it is if you think it was a great show it’s because the fans here did.”

AJ also went on to speak about the difficulty of having a work-life balance:

“The most rewarding moment of my day is getting on that plane, going home and seeing my kids, hugging my wife. That’s the most rewarding thing. It’s hard to juggle when I go home, work-life is turned off absolutely. It’s all about them, and you find time to have a date night amongst all that.”

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