Vince Russo Responds To Coverage Of Dixie Carter's Talent Call

Former TNA writer Vince Russo is speaking out about the news coverage of Dixie Carter’s talent conference call from earlier this week, where she addressed various issues including their relationship with Destination America and Ring of Honor joining the network.

Russo called out a particular ‘dirt sheet’ for claiming that the wrestlers weren’t happy with the way Dixie Carter handled the situation, claiming she was evasive and does not communicate well with the TNA roster.

He says that the report was based on one source, who may have been biased and that it’s irresponsible to trust the view of one person who might have their own agenda.

Here’s what Russo wrote on Facebook on Saturday:

Today, the same dirt sheet who broke the story about the imminent cancelation of TNA on Destination America filed the following report concerning a conference call that Dixie Carter held with the talent:

“The wrestlers at the meeting were not happy because they felt overall Carter was being evasive, and also it was hard to buy the idea that she was presenting that adding ROH to Destination America was to their benefit. The keys to the talent question and answer period is that talent complained that they wanted better lines of communications”.

Here lies the issue, folks—unless you were actually on that call yourself, this is second hand reporting coming from “a source”—a mole—who was presumingly on the call and then in turn reported the result to the said dirt sheet—speaking for ALL the wrestlers at the meeting. The information did not come directly from the call to reporter—there was a middle man. A middle man. A middle man who was perhaps dissatisfied with the call himself, was maybe even a bit disgruntled, thus putting HIS/HER spin on the phone conversation the way THEY saw it—in speaking for ALL the wrestlers on the call.

The overall feelings of the wrestlers are being stated as “fact”, when the only “fact” is that the person/persons who gave that information—gave it from THEIR perspective which is simply that—THEIR PERSPECTIVE.

Again, when looking at stories such as this, you just really have to be careful in determining “truth” from “perspective/opinion”. No two people view anything the same, everybody always has, and presents their own “take”, or “spin”.

My point–take what you read with a grain of salt. Don’t fall into the trap of allowing “reporters” to make you believe what they want you to believe.


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