Video: Triple H Talks About Daniel Bryan Being Stripped Of The WWE Championship

Triple H sat down with Michael Cole once again this week for their weekly interview for This week, the main topic of discussion was Daniel Bryan being stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on RAW and a new champion being crowned at Money in the Bank.

Cole asked Triple H why he’s been gloating and laughing a lot this week. Triple H said he’s so happy because he’s excited to finally give the WWE Universe what they deserve: a fighting champion. The uncertainty regarding Daniel Bryan’s ability to compete went on for too long and its now time for concrete results. WWE fans will finally get what they deserve.

Cole brought up Triple H’s own injury history, including the quad tear back in 2001 that kept him out of action for almost a year. He asked Triple H, how is this different than Bryan’s situation? Triple H said that its different because he wasn’t WWE Champion when he tore his quad. If he had been champion, he would have been man enough to hand over the belt and walk away. He came back, won the Royal Rumble and won the gold back at WrestleMania – something Bryan has the option of doing.

Triple H then switched things around on Cole, asking him what he would have done if he was WWE COO. Cole said he’d follow the rules and if the champion can’t defend the title for 30 days, he can’t be champion anymore. Triple H pressed Cole about what he’d do if Bryan refused to surrender the title. Triple H told Cole he would do what was right and ole agreed that he would strip Bryan of the title.

When Daniel Bryan returns from injury, will he get a rematch? Triple H said it depends on a lot of “ifs.” He would consider him for an opportunity, but it depends on a lot of circumstances.

Cole finds it funny that Triple H and Stephanie have been in such great moods lately, despite Batista quitting, one of the most popular acts in WWE breaking up (The Shield), Brad Maddox being removed as RAW General Manager, etc. Triple H says that Cole is the kind of person who worries over things he has no control over. The WWE World Heavyweight championship being decided in a Money in the Bank ladder match is a reason to be happy. It’s not often that he can guarantee that history will be made at a specific moment, but that will happen later this month.

Triple H ended the interview assuring Cole that WWE has never been in better hands.

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