Updates On James Storm, Jacqueline, Sheik Abdul Bashir and Frank Trigg

sources: 1Wrestling.com, www.f4wonline.com

— Here is some more info on James Storm’s windpipe injury last night. He was on the receiving end of hard clothesline to the throat during his tag match with the Motor City Machine Guns. He made his way to the backstage area and collapsed due to trouble breathing. Paramedics quickly tended to him and an ambulance was called to take him to the local trauma center. Storm was able to breath again by the time the ambulance arrived, but he was having problems swallowing food. Initially, it was feared that Storm suffered an injury similar to Scott Steiner last year in Puerto Rico, which required surgery to repair a torn larynx. During Storm’s trip to the hospital, it was determined that he did not suffer a tear to the larynx but the muscles in that specific area were swollen and bruised. Storm was released from the hospital and he went to the hotel TNA is staying at in Toronto. Storm is expected to work tonight’s show. He did some work in the ring this afternoon.

— Sheik Abdul Bashir will be appearing on tonight’s No Surrender pay-per-view after all. He came to Canada early and was at last night’s house show. Booker T and Sharmell were unable to make it due to Hurricane Ike closing the Houston airport.

— Despite having some of her teeth knocked out during a match at last night’s TNA house show, Jacqueline will be appearing at No Surrender tonight. She had four teeth knocked out and her mouth was badly swollen after the match. She was said to not be in good spirits.

— Frank Trigg is scheduled to wrestle his first professional wrestling match tonight in a “Mixed Martial Arts” match against AJ Styles. He is said to be a good student but has had minimal training so far.

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