Updated Preview For Tonight's Edition Of Raw

Here is the updated WWE.com preview for tonight’s edition of Raw:

Toronto Torrent
May 5, 2008

When Raw broadcasts from Toronto, Canada, tonight, the cold temperatures will be nothing compared to the chilly reception Randy Orton will likely receive the next time he faces Triple H.

The newly-crowned WWE Champion battled the Legend Killer in a title match last week, with the broadcast ending in a blackout after a disgruntled William Regal pulled the plug on the audio and video. Tonight, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon will kick off Raw to address Mr. Regal’s actions. What will the Chairman have to say about the Englishman’s perceived abuse of power?

Before ruining last week’s main event for viewers, however, the Raw General Manager did manage to arrange for The Game and The Legend Killer to meet one another at Judgment Day in a WWE Championship Steel Cage Match. Before he gets there, however, Orton’s first order of business will be a battle tonight with Mr. Money in the Bank, CM Punk. Can the Straightedge Superstar take Orton to the extreme, or will he become just a bump in the Legend Killer’s road back to the WWE Championship?

As for Regal, The discontented King of the Ring saw his coronation ceremony turned upside down thanks to Mr. Kennedy. Not one to follow sovereign protocol, the loudmouth from Green Bay, Wis. came to blows with Regal, who then promised retribution. What punishment awaits Mr. Kennedy compliments of His Royal Pain in the Arse?

Also tonight, Carlito’s Cabana returns to Raw, and Carlito will have none other than WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper as his guest. The “Rowdy Scot” was the host of perhaps the greatest talk show in WWE history – Piper’s Pit. After what happened between him and Carlito’s amigo Santino Marella last week, what will transpire when the Cabana gets “Rowdy” tonight?

It also appears that title-hungry JBL isn’t about to hang up his 10-gallon hat anytime soon. After handily defeating Robbie McAllister last week, the media maven made it perfectly clear that he continues to gun for the title, too. Not one to sit idly by, what does JBL have in store for those who stand between him and the gold? And what exactly will JBL have in mind for John Cena after he embarrassed the “wrestling god” at Backlash?

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