Update On TNA's Future On Spike TV: No Impact On Thanksgiving Eve

SpikeTV is listing a “Premiere Movie” two weeks from now during the normal time slot in which TNA Impact Wrestling airs.

This led many fans to speculate that Spike TV is finally pulling the plug on Impact Wrestling later this month. However, according to f4wonline.com, Spike TV airing a movie during Impact’s time slot is only a one-night deal and Spike will continue airing Impact through December.

It’s worth noting Spike TV has stated that it’s still undecided whether Impact will air on December 24th (Christmas Eve) or December 31st (New Year’s Eve). A Spike TV official said the November 26th change was made because it’s the night before Thanksgiving, which is usually a weak night for TV.

The final episode of Impact Wrestling that has been already taped will air on November 19th. TNA has not scheduled any additional television tapings through the end of the year.

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