Update On Sara Del Rey's WWE Status, News On Promo Classes In NXT

There has been speculation recently regarding the WWE coaching status of Sara Del Rey after she appeared on a recent episode of the new WWE Network original series, “WWE Breaking Ground.”

Del Rey is still working as an agent with the main WWE roster, however she also doubles as a developmental trainer of talents at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Additionally, former TNA Knockout Sarah Stock (Sarita) is also working with the female developmental talent in Orlando.

In related Breaking Ground news, the show gave the impression that William Regal teaches the promo classes at the Performance Center, however it is actually Ryan Katz who handles that responsibility.

Katz is a former independent wrestler by the name of “GQ Money,” who was said to be a “Dusty Rhodes Guy” and worked closely with The Dream before his passing.

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(Credit: PWInsider.com)