Update On New WWE Show, ECW Rating Falls Below 1.0, "Don’t Try This at Home"

sources: PWInsider.com, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Last night’s episode of ECW on Sci Fi garnered a 0.93 cable rating, by far the show’s worst number in quite some time.

The night prior on Raw, they ran a commercial plugging the return of “The Peep Show” with Jack Swagger as Christian’s guest.

— While Vince McMahon discussed airing a new WWE television show on Wednesday nights at last week’s shareholders conference, the feeling is that he was posturing more than anything.

It’s been noted that WWE’s production staff is stretched to the limit as it is. While they could run a vintage footage show or highlight show, the idea of taping another hour a week of first-run content at television tapings, while not impossible, would be very difficult.

At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be any actual negotiations on adding a new show.

— The new “Don’t Try This At Home” commercial that aired this past Monday night on Raw was likely inspired by the media attention in New York concerning a nine-year-old who jumped off the roof of his apartment trying to, at least in his mind, emulate Jeff Hardy. Prior to Monday night, WWE had not aired a “Don’t Try This At Home” commercial during United States television programming in years. They do however, frequently run the commercial overseas.

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