Update on Mike Kanellis Possibly Breaking Rumble Record, Drew McIntyre Says WWE Roster is “Just Happy to Be Here”

The Greatest (Greatest) Rumble Record?

As previously reported, over the weekend there was some question about the legitimacy of WWE Superstar Mike Kanellis potentially breaking the all-time record for shortest time spent in a Royal Rumble match.

The recently drafted RAW star entered the Greatest Royal Rumble at the #6 position but was quickly eliminated by the “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. The WWE commentary team immediately began to speculate whether or not Kanellis had broken the record, currently held by Santino Marella at 1.9 seconds, but generally when doing an angle like this the company is all over pushing the new record as quickly and as often as humanly possible so that they can use it as a talking point.

Kanellis was interviewed backstage last night on Monday Night RAW and was beyond relieved to find out that he did NOT break the record for shortest Rumble appearance. His official time, as it will stand in the record books, is 2.49 seconds. Hopefully this groundbreaking revelation will lead to seeing more of the world’s greatest love story unfold on WWE television. Check out the video above!

Drew McIntyre Calls Out WWE Locker Room

Former NXT Champion Drew McIntyre cut another scathing promo alongside his new buddy Dolph Ziggler, and apparently he has some big problems with the current WWE locker room. Check out the video below.

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