Update On Batista's Contract Situation, Umaga Update, "Big Stars, Bad Gimmicks"

— If you recall, Batista took part in a few interviews during a media tour of the UK last month stating he had roughly a year left on his current contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. “The Animal” added he was contemplating retiring when his contract expires. Considering WWE.com is reporting that he will be out at least four months following biceps surgery, the time he misses away from the ring will be tacked onto his current deal.

WWE contracts are set in a way that it gives the company the right to add the amount of time a wrestler misses due to injury to the end of their contracts. For instance, should Batista miss six months of action while recovering from the surgery, company officials have the right to add six months to his contract. {source: prowrestling.NET}

— In a small update on Umaga, whose real name is Edward Fatu, he is rejecting offers from independent wrestling promoters for dates for the time being. {source: PWInsider.com}

— IGN.com has an article looking at lousy gimmicks some of the biggest stars in wrestling history used before finding success. Among those featured include Undertaker, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Steve Austin, The Rock and Al Snow. {Big Stars, Bad Gimmicks}

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