UK Championship Results (1/15/17) – Day Two Results

Thanks to reader Sam Sousa for these results!

Quarter Final # 1
Pete Dunne defeats Sam Gradwell with a powerslam against the top turnbuckle.
After Pete Dunne gets his arm raised as the winner he attacks Gradwell and
uses his Bitter End finisher (Pumphandle lift dropped into reverse STO).

Quarter Final # 2
Mark Andrews defeated Joseph Conners with a beautiful Shooting Star Press

Quarter Final # 3
Wolfgang defeated Trent Seven with his “The Howling” Swanton Bomb

Quarter Final # 4
Tyler Bate defeated Jordan Devlin with his Tyler Driver 97

Semi-Final # 1
Pete Dunne defeated Mark Andrews with The Bitter End. Good back and forth
match with lots of reversals and close 3 counts

Semi-Final # 2
Tyler Bate defeats Wolfgang with his Tyler Driver 97 finisher.
Note: after the match Pete Dunne attacks Tyler Bate from behind and rams his
shoulder into the steel post.

Neville makes his entrance saying that it seems like someone has been
forgotten again. First the Cruiserweight Classic, then 205 Live and now the
UK Championship . He says he should be the UK Champion by default! He says
he understands why he was excluded from the tournament because they needed it
to be competitive and he would have won the whole tournament. He says he is
the greatest wrestler from this country and from the entire continent and no
one will ever defeat him.
Cue the entrance music of Tommy End as he will be facing Neville!

Special non tournament match
Neville defeated Tommy End with his Red Arrow finisher.

Get a report on Tyler Bate’s condition: he has suffered a separated shoulder
but has still been cleared by doctors to compete in the final.

Finn Bálor makes an appearance and hyped up the crowd for the final match.

Final Match
19 year old Tyler Bate defeats his former teacher Pete Dunne with the Tyler
Driver 97 to become the first ever United Kingdom Champion! Match of the
night! Triple H, William Regal Fit Finley and Finn Balor present Tyler Bate
the belt and put it around his waist!