UFC: "The Notorious" Conor McGregor Ep. 4 Review

By Jeremy Peeples, WrestlingObserver.com

Episode three featured a big highlight of this series so far – Conor singing Vince McMahon’s theme and doing his walk. Episode four begins with Conor celebrating his win and says he wants the gold belt to alongside his ivory-colored suit. In under a year since surgery, he’s had two first-round finishes. We’re told that after his win, he’s become a global superstar with a lavish lifestyle. Conor goes to his room at Planet Hollywood (which really needs something other than a generic font for its logo) and is blown away by his room. It’s just a wee bit lavish.

He gets a butler and a fancy tub. The room costs $7,500 a night and Conor cracks up hearing about how much the company’s spending for this stay. He looks at his brushed steel pool table and says he’s made it. Conor, his girlfriend, and their friends enjoy the green-lit pool before a breakfast complete with butler service. While Conor suns, we hear him talk about his early fighting days waking up at 4:30 AM with pitch black skies to greet him to illustrate the contrast of his life then versus now. He gets a massage and says he gave up on that life when he realized how horrible that life was. He rubs his knee down with the pool cue before saying he pissed his father off by leaving his job and getting into a few fights over it. “That’s normal, right?” ‘Well, it’s normal in Ireland!”

His friend says it’s all about his work ethic and drive. Conor says he’s going to just ring the butler to get a couple of coffees. Conor works out in a ring and practices tornado kicks while we get a montage of him getting a new tailored suit. We get a pretty neat look at a giant whiteboard with the future cards all mapped out with nicely-crafted placcards. It’s a welcome change from seeing something similar on WWE cards with everything written in marker on a whiteboard.

Conor meets with Dana and Lorenzo where Dana tells him that the fight in Ireland was insane. Conor says that the top-level guys aren’t satisfied, and he isn’t. He might be happy when it’s just UFC with one guy – him. Two weeks after the meeting, he’s back in Dublin with his father saying that his son really needs a watch wardrobe. His family looks at his Fighting Irish billboard and he says that in one year, they’ll make him a statue. Conor says wars were fought on the street and now there’s a banner of him up.

Conor’s dad says he just wants his son to have success – and now, that is the title. “We will find Jose Also, AND WE WILL TAKE THAT TITLE!” The apple didn’t far too far from the tree for Conor’s promo skills. In London, Conor’s going to an interview with BT Sport. His next fight is in Brazil, and since they’re passionate fans like in Ireland, he’s looking forward to creating chaos. The interview says he’s a great trash talker and Conor says that he’s a truth talker.

Conor’s asked to repeat a wide variety of movie clips and says “I’m no Clint, but I’ll whoop his ass!”. Conor says he holds the key to the biggest attendance figures in football stadiums. His approach is to get in and get rich and after the injury, he has a sense of urgency. In Rio de Janeiro, Conor does a workout/dance routine on the beach. Conor says he feels like a king having a camera crew follow him around. He does a bit of capoeira and admires a group doing it as well. Conor’s bodyguard shows off his gun and they go to a Q&A.

Conor asks an event staffer if the guy can show up on-stage with him with his gun to send a message. She wisely says no. Conor gets a sea of boos coming out and does both the Vince walk and a royal wave before calling out all of the senoritas. He says he’ll take the hometown boy’s title and they chant that he will die. A fan says that he’s holding Aldo’s head up with pride, and Conor says he’ll hold his head up in victory before saying he should come down and kiss his feet.

Another fan calls him a chicken, and Conor says he’s brave from up there, but really admires the Brazilians. They’re incredibly passionate…just not as passionate as the Irish. “Conor bless you”. What a fantastic heel. Conor is amazed at the view he has from his room and feints a kick to a statue. He’s impressed by the statue of Jesus and grabs some alcohol to bring a touch of Ireland to Brazil. He has a blast with a fan doing a face-off photo.

We go to UFC 170 with Aldo facing Chad Mendes. Conor says they’re in a dome, which is brilliant and we get clips of the fight while Conor reacts to what’s going on. Aldo gets the win and he claps for him. Conor says Aldo is getting worse, so now, the advantage lies with him. Conor’s about growth, while Aldo is just about maintenance. He closes a show taking a swig of tea for the hard-working Irishman. This was a pretty good episode of the show that gave you a bigger view into Conor’s past and how he went from humble beginnings to where he is now.

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