Trailer For WWE 2K19 Showcase Mode (Video), Sonya Deville’s Video Game Rating, Pete Dunne Title Match Scrapped

WWE 2K19 has released the following trailer for the upcoming showcase mode featuring Daniel Bryan:

Fight for your dreams, and your dreams will fight for you. Play through @WWEDanielBryan‘s incredible career in #WWE2K19‘s Showcase mode!

— WWE 2K19 (@WWEgames) September 10, 2018

Sonya Deville’s Video Game Rating

WWE 2K19 has also revealed Sonya Deville’s superstar rating, as seen below:

Put your hair up and square up.@SonyaDevilleWWE #WWE2K19 #WWE2K19RatingReveal

— WWE 2K19 (@WWEgames) September 10, 2018

Pete Dunne Title Match Scrapped

Future Shock Wrestling has announced that while WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne will be appearing at the September 23rd event, he will no longer be defending the WWE UK Title:

Monday’s are hard enough without bad news but in the interests of full disclosure we have to reveal that due to factors beyond our control @PeteDunneYxB‘s WWE United Kingdom championship will no longer be defended at #Tapped2 on Sept 23rd… (TBC)

— FutureShockWrestling (@FutureShockWres) September 10, 2018

…We apologise to anyone that’s bought tickets specifically to see a championship bout. Rest assured that the Bruiserweight @PeteDunneYxB will still be present and in action under the watchful eye of #NXTUK General Manager @JohnnySaintWWE… (TBC)

— FutureShockWrestling (@FutureShockWres) September 10, 2018

…Also this means that we can look into finding @PeteDunneYxB‘s opponent in a slightly different way. We have a locker room full of stellar wrestlers eager to showcase their talent opposite the WWE UK Champion with the world watching. News coming soon.

— FutureShockWrestling (@FutureShockWres) September 10, 2018

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