TNA Genesis Results 11-11-2007

Genesis: Black Reign vs. Abyss

The match starts quickly with Reign attacking Abyss as he makes his way to the ring. Abyss hoists Reign up over his shoulders and drives him down onto the concrete. We head to the ring and have a bell. Reign to the ropes, drops to his knees and smashes Abyss in the face. Abyss follows up with a boot to the face.

Outside now, and Abyss grabs a piece of plasterboard and clocks it over the head of Black Reign. He follows up by taking Reign and sending him over the safety rail into the crowd. They two do battle for a bit until Abyss sends Reign head first into the wall.

Up on the aisle now and Reign clocks Abyss with a board. Reign tries to open the door of a big black box on top of the stage. Abyss interrupts and clocks him. Reign takes Abyss to the ring now and mounts the second rope and hits a flying clothesline.

Reign goes to the well one more time, this time to the top rope. He flies but Abyss catches him with a choke attempting to chokeslam him. Reign battles out. Reign throws a chop and sets up a running bulldog, but instead hits s running stunner. Two count for Reign.

Reign slides outside and grabs a chair, sets it up in the corner wedged between the ropes. He whips Abyss into it, reverses. Abyss sends Reign head first into the chair in the corner.

Abyss slides outside and comes up with a barbed wire bat. Back inside now, he swings and connects on Reign across the gut. Reign slides out and starts up the aisle way. He charges Abyss, gets caught in a choke, and then gets Chokeslammed off the stage to the floor.

Abyss pulls Reign toward the aisle way. Abyss takes a board filled with rat traps on it. He then opens up a vice that is mounted on a table at ringside. He then puts both of Reign’s hands in the vice and closes it. James Mitchell then frees Reign and gives him a pair of brass knuckles. Mitchell comes in the ring where Abyss has Misty the rat and is about to put it in the rattraps. Abyss shoves the rat down Mitchell’s shirt. Reign hits a Pedigree

Reign then takes a kendo stick and clocks Abyss a few times. Reign puts on the knucks and charges Abyss who quickly turns it into a Black Hole Slam. Abyss scores the pinfall for the victory. Your winner: Abyss

Abyss now takes the key to the box that is on stage. He opens it up and out comes some masked man who attacks Abyss. Reign and the masked man beat down Abyss, and they put him in the box and lock it, and then push it over the edge of the stage to the floor.

Genesis: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D

The match starts quickly with Sabin and Shelley attacking Team 3D as they made their way to the ring. A bit of brawling until we enter the ring. Shelley and Sabin whip Brother Ray into the corner and double elbow him. They then send Dvon into the other corner and clothesline him. Ray to the ropes, and gets double back body dropped.

Sabin and Shelley connect with a double kick to the front and back of the head of a knelt down Brother Ray. Team 3D retreats to the outside for a short break as the match is stalled. Team 3D then starts to walk away up the aisle.

They turn back and come back down to the ring. Sabin and Ray in the ring. Coast to coast goes Sabin, and he finishes with a hurricanrada then hits a flying cross body. Two count for Sabin.

Ray sends Sabin in to the corner and knife-edge chops him, then tags in D-Von. Sabin to the ropes and gets double-teamed with a legdrop, sidewalk slam combo. Two count by Team 3D. Sabin makes a desperation tag to Shelley. He charges in and gets shoulderblocked by D-Von.

Snap dropkick by Shelley. He and Sabin climb opposing ropes. Ray shakes the ropes, making them both fall. D-Von then gets to the ropes to superplex Shelley to the mat. D-Von chokes Shelley and sends him to the outside of the ring. Ray then whips Shelley into the steel ring steps.

D-Von hits a delayed suplex on Shelley and tags in Ray, who drops the elbow. Quickly D-Von is tagged back in and works on Shelley slowly. Pin attempt and a two count. D-Von puts a chinlock on Shelley, who slowly gets to his feet and jaw jacks him. Sabin tagged in and clotheslines D-Von. Ray comes in and gets a clothesline for his troubles as well. Sabin to the apron, springboards and clotheslines D-Von. Two count.

D-Von charges at the corner that Sabin is in and Sabin sidesteps. Shelley flies in and dropkicks D-Von. Shelley tagged in and sets up a Rockbottom, Sabin flies in now and dropkicks D-Von to the back, causing Shelley to hit a Reverse Russian Legsweep. Sabin and Shelley hit the Poetry in Motion double kick. Sabin then hits a top rope Hurricanrada followed by a Shelley Frogsplash. Two count for Sabin.

Brother Ray tagged in now and he and D-Von hit the What’s Up Diving Headbutt. Sabin and Shelley hit a Hi-Lo in the ring on Brother Ray and get only a two count. Shelley slingshots to the outside but misses D-Von. Inside the ring, Ray kicks Sabin then gets a belt and whips Sabin across the back once. Team 3D sets up the Doomsday Device. And hit. Referee slides in, and only a two count.
Team 3D sets up a table in the corner with the table propped up.Sabin gets sent into it but Sabin backflips off the table and sends D-Von through it. Sabin and Shelley hit consecutive kicks to the head of Brother Ray and Sabin scores the pinfall for the victory. Your Winners: Motor City Machine Guns


Genesis: Gail Kim [c] vs. Roxxi Laveaux vs. Angel Williams vs. ODB [Women’s Championship Match]

The four women square off as the bell rings. The three challengers converge on Kim who fights back with elbows and kicks. They whip Kim into the corner. Williams charges and gets sent to the outside mat. Kim hits a meeting of the minds on ODB and Roxxi. Kim spears ODB in the corner then sends Roxxi into her.

Two count for Kim when Kip James puts Roxxi’s foot on the ropes. Referee then tosses VKM from ringside. Roxxi then comes face to face with the referee and does some kind of gesture to his forehead as if to place a curse on him. She is attacked from behind and we are back to wrestling. Outside the ring Angel Williams sends Kim into the ringpost.

ODB slapping Roxxi in the behind, then she turns the referee around and slaps him in the butt. Roxxi just kicks ODB and sends her to the corner. ODB sits on the turnbuckle and grabs Roxxi’s head. ODB then grabs her head and drivers her face first into the top turnbuckle 10 times. ODB then leaps off onto Angel Williams and pins her for a two count. Gail Kim back in now and hits an insiguri on ODB.

Roxxi is outside now and Kim leaps off the ropes onto her taking both out. Inside now Angel Williams hits a jaw jacker on ODB, followed by a dropkick and then gets a two count. Williams gets pushed into the corner and ODB chops her. ODB chops her again. Angel reverses a double underhook into DDT somehow and gets a two count.

ODB now climbs the ropes with Angel Williams set up for a fall away slam. Kim comes underneath ODB and puts her on her shoulders and all three hit a Tower of Doom as they all fall back. Roxxi is staggering around the ring, and Kim hits a missile dropkick on her. All four women down.

Kim hits a Tennessee jam on Roxxi and gets a two count. ODB hits a sidewalk slam into a pin attempt. Angel breaks it up. ODB sends her outside. Roxxi spits green mist in ODB’s face. Kim takes out Roxxi, and then hits a Neckbreaker on ODB for the pinfall and the victory. Your Winner: Gail Kim

After the match, Awesome Kong comes to the top of the ramp and points at her, and leaves.


Genesis: Jay Lethal [c] vs. Sonjay Dutt [X-Division Championship Match]

Sonjay hugs Lethal as the bell rings. The two circles and lock up. Dutt to the ropes and shoulderblocks Lethal. Back to the ropes and Dutt hits a rolling arm drag and another. Lethal charges and Dutt takes him down. Lethal avoids contact and we break, ending series 1.

Lockup and Lethal to the ropes. Lethal backslides Dutt and Dutt takes him over into a bridge, extreme quick pace and a pinning combination. Small package by Lethal and we break again. Dutt slaps Lethal in the face, then begs for forgiveness. We reset. Sonjay slaps Lethal, Lethal returns the favor then asks for a hug.

No hug. Dutt goes to the ropes and clotheslines Lethal outside of the ring, quickly Dutt goes rope to rope and hits a suicide dive over the ropes to the outside onto Lethal. Lethal rolled back inside and Dutt goes for a pin attempt but only gets a two count.

Dutt climbs the turnbuckle in the corner and pummels Lethal, then he sends Lethal to the other corner and splashes him. Two count for Dutt. Dutt to the topes, Lethal arm drags him, then cartwheels and hits a snap dropkick. Lethal to the top ropes and flies. Dutt catches him with a dropkick to the gut while in mid air. Two count for Dutt.

Dutt applies a body scissors submission to slow the pace. Dutt relinquishes the hold and runs immediately to the ropes, bounces off and hits a forward roll Senton drop. Dutt charges the corner that Lethal is in Lethal gets quickly to the top ropes and dropkicks Dutt. Lethal now bounces off the ropes and clotheslines Dutt, then bounces off the far ropes and hits another clothesline. Lethal off the corner turnbuckle and leaps backward, hitting a back flip onto Sonjay. Dutt outside now and Lethal goes coast to coast and flies through the ropes onto Sonjay on the outside of the ring.

Back inside the ring now and Dutt gets kicked with a Pelle from Lethal. Sonjay climbs the ropes and Moonsaults, but lands on his feet then hits a Moonsault once he lands! He then gets right back up and hits a shooting Star Press. Two count for Dutt. Lethal quickly hits a side suplex on Dutt and gets a two count.

Dutt out of nowhere hits a running bulldog, and then floats over into a Camel Clutch. Lethal gets to the ropes for the break. Lethal now has Dutt in the corner and lands jabs. Dutt pushes him out of the way and slips outside of the ring. Dutt springboards off the ropes onto Lethal who catches him across his shoulders and turns it into a Lethal Combination, then quickly gets to the rope and hits the Flying Elbow Drop for the pinfall and the victory.

Genesis: A.J. Styles & Tomko [c] vs. The Steiner Brothers [Tag Team Championship Match]

The bell rings and Scott Steiner is going to start off with A.J. Styles. Steiner takes AJ down immediately and AJ gets under the ropes and rolls out of the ring. They lock up again and Steiner arm wrings him. AJ gets free, but gets a knife-edge chop for his troubles. Steiner whips AJ to the ropes and hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker.

AJ hits an insiguri kick to the back of Steiner’s head. Steiner falls outside and AJ slingshots to the outside onto Scott. Both men back inside the ring now and AJ gets a two count. AJ sends Steiner into the corner. AJ charges and gets belly to bellied. Rick Steiner tagged in and so is Tomko.

Rick with a double leg takedown of Tomko. Rick now delivers clubbing blows to Tomko then delivers a very awkward Death Valley Driver to Tomko, nearly dropping him on his head. Tomko is up now thankfully and punches Rick then powerslams him. AJ tagged in and he delivers chops to Rick, followed by punches.

Scott Steiner tagged in now and belly to belly suplexes AJ, then he delivers one to Tomko. Scott then T-Bone’s Styles and pins him for two. Rick in now and he and Tomko take the battle to the outside. AJ goes rope to rope and gets back body dropped by Scott Steiner. Scott plants AJ on the top ropes and sets up a Steinerline, but Tomko is back in and he powerbombs Scott to the matt, allowing AJ to fly off the ropes onto him.

A.J. now in charge and working a fallen Scott Steiner. He taunts the crowd a bit and then Scott Steiner belly-to-belly suplexes AJ. Tomko slides in and sends Scott to the corner, then he sends AJ into him, but Scott counters with a clothesline on AJ and then one on Tomko as well. All three men are down. Rick Steiner reaches for a tag and is tagged in. He delivers a forearm to AJ.

Scott Steiner puts AJ on his shoulders. Rick goes to the ropes. Rick hits the top rope Bulldog on AJ and goes for the pin. Tomko breaks it up. Scott Steiner clotheslines Tomko outside of the ring and they fight up the aisle. Inside the ring, AJ hits a Pelle on Rick Steiner, and both men are down. AJ sends Rick to the ropes, AJ leaps up for a hurricanrada, but gets powerbombed down as a reversal. No referee is there to count though because he is outside trying to break up Scott and Tomko.

AJ gets a chair as Rick tries to get the referee back in the ring. AJ winds up and delivers a huge chairshot to the head of Rick Steiner laying him out. He pins him and gets the three count for the victory. Your Winners: AJ Styles & Tomko

Genesis: Robert Roode vs. Samoa Joe

The match starts with Samoa Joe chasing Roode around the ring. Joe actually slips and falls as he runs, but recovers and continues chasing. They make it in to the ring quickly and Joe hits a back body drop on Roode followed by a big knife-edge chop. Joe sends Roode outside the ring and then goes coast to coast and flies through the ropes onto Roode.

Joe goes and grabs a chair, sits Roode in it then chops him. Joe backs up and charges for a fasewash, but Roode catches it and then slams it into the railing with authority. Roode in command now, beating on Joe up the aisle. Roode tries to suplex Joe but cannot. He punches him a bit and then tries again, and this time suplexes him onto the ramp.

Roode tries to whip Joe into the steel steps, but it’s reversed and Joe sends Roode headfirst into the steps. Back inside the ring now and Joe whips Roode into the corner, charges and hits a Pelle kick to the head. Two count for Joe.

Joe places Roode on the top rope, in a seated position, but Roode rakes the eyes and hits a leaping Buff Blockbuster. Roode puts Joe in the corner and chops him. Roode then has Joe seated in the middle of the ring and hits the Blockbuster from the mat. Joe makes it to his feet, Roode to the ropes and bounces back off, ducks a clothesline and hits a back Neckbreaker.

Roode applies a neck wrench submission, Joe battles to his feet, then hits the ropes to counter. On the rebound, Roode hits a lariat and gets a two count. Roode now applies a rear chinlock and a rake of the eyes. Joe is placed across the middle ropes throat first. Roode delivers a jab, Joe fights back with one of his own. Roode then rakes the back and follows up with a rear chinlock.

Joe battles to a vertical base and elbows Roode to the gut, he goes to the ropes but Roode slaps on a Sleeper Hold. Roode releases and climbs the ropes quickly. He leaps but Joe counters by hitting a Diamond Cutter as he flew toward him. Both men are down.

Joe now delivers jabs, sends Roode to the ropes and hits a leg lariat, followed by a big clothesline, and then a Samoan Drop. Two count for Joe. Joe hits a snap slam, then a powerbomb, and holds on. He turn turns it over into a Walls of Jericho, and then transitions into an STF submission hold. Roode slides to the ropes somehow and grabs it for the break.

Roode hits a low blow on Joe and follows up with a DDT. Two count for Roode. Roode sends Joe to the corner and gets Rock Bottomed by Joe as he charged. Joe tries to set up the Muscle Buster, but Roode blocks it and grabs the arm, then falls down to the floor with it in his hands, sending it across the top rope. Two count for Roode.

Roode hits a piledriver in the ring and a two count. Joe back up and delivers some punches, sends Roode to the corner. Roode gets the boot up and goes for the Payoff, but Joe reverses by placing him on the top rope, hits a kick to the head and then hits the Muscle Buster for the pinfall land the victory. Your Winner: Samoa Joe


Genesis: Christian Cage vs. Kaz [Fight for the Right Finals Ladder Match]

The contract is high above the ring. The two lock up and roll around the ropes in the lockup. We have a break. Cage kicks Kaz in the gut and chops him, and kicks him, and punches him. Kaz whipped to the ropes, he leaps back and kicks Cage to reverse out. Kaz quickly slips outside and grabs the ladder. Cage catches up with him and he drops the ladder outside. Back in the ring goes the action now.

Cage slides outside and grabs the ladder. Kaz mule kicks Cage. Cage has the ladder held across his chest. Kaz springs backward and planchas onto Cage. Christian is now busted open above his left eye from the ladder. Cage sets up a second ladder across the ring apron to the guardrail. Cage whips Kaz into it but Kaz baseball slides underneath it. Cage set up on the ladder. Kaz on the apron, and Cage kicks him low. Kaz on the apron facing the ring. Cage sits across the second rope with his feet inside the ring and he kicks the face of Kaz sending him backward onto the ladder. Cage climbs the ropes and hits a Frogsplash onto Kaz who is on the ladder.

Both men inside now. Cage sets up the ladder in the ring and Kaz takes it out of the equation. Cage sets it up in the corner. Kaz whips Cage into it. Kaz places Cage in the corner facing him with the ladder in his face. Kaz rears back and charges, Cage flings the ladder at a charging Kaz, knocking him out.

Cage slingshots Kaz into the ladder now. Cage sets up the ladder and climbs. Kaz gets up and yanks him off by the leg. Kaz take the ladder and clocks Cage, sending him outside of the ring. Kaz sets it up and climbs.

Cage inside now and stops Kaz then grabs a second ladder and clocks Kaz, then sets it up next to him and climbs. The two are on different ladders on opposite sides. The now get to the top and Kaz sets up the Moonsault Slam but Cage battles out and hits an Inverted DDT from the top of the ladders.

Christian takes down the ladders and sets one up in the corner. Kaz Monkey Flips Cage onto that ladder. He follows up with a springboard swinging legdrop onto Cage. Kaz then drops the ladder across Cage’s chest. Kaz sets up the ladder next to the turnbuckle. He climbs it and instead of leaping for the contract leaps and Guillotines a collapsed ladder on the floor below because Christian rolled out of the way.

Cage climbs a ladder in the middle of the ring now. Cage reaches up for the contract and quickly Kaz gets to the ropes and dropkicks the ladder. Cage accidentally knocks the paper off of the clipboard and it falls to the floor. The referee declares that they have to get the clipboard down. Tomko and Styles come down now and Cage and Kaz climb the ladder together. The ladder starts to shake and it topples over as Cage falls to the outside onto AJ and Tomko. Kaz lands on the top rope, standing. He then pushes off the top turnbuckle with the ladder, to get the ladder back to a vertical base. With the ladder back in position, Kaz reaches up and pulls down the clipboard for the victory. Your Winner: Kaz


Genesis: Kurt Angle [c] & Kevin Nash vs. Sting & [TNA Heavyweight Championship Match]

We have Nash introduced followed by Angle. Sting then comes out and the lights go out. We hear some ominous music, and then Booker T comes out.

Angle and Sting start off. The bell rings and we have a lockup and a break. Angle slaps on a headlock and a takedown of Sting. Back to a vertical base and Angle shoots off the ropes and gets hip tossed by Sting, and again, and again.

Angle is in the corner, Sting is in the corner and Angle mounts him and then tags in Nash. He and Sting circle the ring and lock up. Nash delivers some elbows to Sting in the corner. Nash delivers a back elbow and then tags back in Angle.

Sting tags in Booker and Angle bails out. Back inside now and Booker and Angle lock up. Booker with hammerlock and a reversal by Angle. Back elbow by Booker. Booker bounces off the ropes and hits a flying forearm, and a two count.

Angle clotheslines Booker and tags in Nash. A few elbows and he tags Angle back in. Angle hits a suplex and applies a side headlock. Booker elbows out of it and Angle goes to the ropes, Booker counters with a spin-kick.

Sting tagged in and he cleans house, tries to apply a Scorpion Death Lock to Nash but Angle interrupts. Booker jumps in and knocks Angle outside. Nash picks up Sting and hits a Sidewalk Slam. Here comes Karen Angle now to ringside to cheer on Kurt.

Angle hits a Sidebreaker and a two count that Nash interferes to break up the pin. Angle back suplexes Sting and goes for a pin. Booker breaks up the pin. Angle applies a choke.

Angle tries an Olympic Slam on Sting but it’s reversed into a DDT for Sting. Sting tags in Booker T who clotheslines Angle, then clotheslines Nash off the apron. Booker whips Angle to the corner, Angle gets the boot up. Angle charges out and Booker powerslams him. Booker spinebusts Angle and does the Spin a roonie, then hits the Axe Kick. Booker goes for the pin and Nash just makes it in time.

Nash in and gets clotheslined by Nash. Booker goes after Angle but gets kicked. Nash Jackknifes Booker T. Sting in and he hits the Death Drop on Nash. AJ hits the ring and tries to clothesline Sting but he gets shot out by Sting. Tomko in now and he clotheslines Sting. All the while Karen Angle is arguing with the referee. Sharmel now makes her way down to the ring and starts cat fighting with Karen Angle. Nash is in the ring, he takes down the straps and tries to powerbomb Sting. Angle gets in, Styles tosses Angle the belt, and he clocks Nash with it. Angle then hits a Olympic Slam on Sting and goes for a pin but the ref is outside breaking up the women. Angle goes and gets the referee and brings him in. The referee counts him to victory. Your Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match Tomko and A.J. celebrate with Angle. Christian Cage comes to the top of the ramp to observe and looks confused.