There’s A Sudden Surge In HIV-Infected Inmates In UP Jails Due To Unsafe Sex And Drug Abuse

The state of affairs came to light during a health check-up camp in Ghaziabad. Twenty-seven inmates were found positive in Dasna Jail and 10 inmates were tested positive at a jail in Meerut.

The jail administration has separated these HIV positive prisoners from others for their treatment within the jail premises.

The National Human Right Commission (NHRC) has taken cognizance of media reports on the unfortunate set of circumstances. NHRC had issued a notice to the Yogi Adityanath Government two days ago seeking a detailed report within six weeks on steps taken to curb the deadly disease spreading to other inmates and treatment of affected inmates.

The NHRC has sought to draw the attention of state government on the plight and medical negligence in Uttar Pradesh jails if media reports are found to be correct.

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