The Young Bucks Trash TNA's Booking, Talk About Their Backstage Heat

The Young Bucks tag team (formerly Generation Me) recently spoke to Canada’s Slam Wrestling about their decision to quit TNA Wrestling several months ago. Matt Jackson expressed a great deal of frustration with the way TNA is run – largely due to the fact that TNA creative did not have a clear vision for them:

“I don’t think everyone’s on the same page. I know that a lot of guys don’t know where to go when they have a question about something, because nobody knows who’s exactly in charge of what.”

“One week we were running with Tara and the next we’re not. One week Nick and I have heat with each other, and the next we’re in a stable together. Towards the end, people in the office didn’t know if we were heels or faces, so we flip-flopped. We knew then, we had to get out.”

“One thing, though, from my time with them that I would have never guessed was, how unorganized the ‘big leagues’ were.”

Nick explains that despite all the turmoil behind the scenes in TNA, their departure from the company came down to money – or lack thereof.

“We asked for our release because we were not being used enough to budget money for our families. We simply weren’t making enough money. We asked for help and they didn’t really want to do anything for us. So, it obviously wasn’t going to work out.”

Matt added:

“We knew we were going to quit for a while. The writing was on the wall. Overcrowded locker rooms, we hadn’t been seen on TV regularly in months, and no continuity with our characters led us to wanting out.

The Young Bucks have received several complaints from veteran performers in the both the TNA and WWE locker rooms for the way they’ve handled themselves behind the scenes.

The Bucks have developed a reputation for being aloof and disrespectful to their superiors – and do not put all the blame on TNA for why their run there did not work out:

“I’m sure they could have done more with us, but I’m also not going to stick the blame completely on them. I’m sure there are things that we could have done differently too. All in all, we are proud of our run there and feel like we did have the capability to show what we could do, at least a couple of times.

“We could of ‘played the game’ a bit more. In professional wrestling, you need to do this to survive. We may have been a little too passive and let things happen to our characters that probably shouldn’t have. Maybe we could have been a little more protective? You live and learn.”

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